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The Problem with PUA Advice: 6

August 9, 2010 34 comments

A recent post at Roissy, illustrates one problem with ‘game’ in an obvious manner. I should mention that many of the posts which brought him notoriety had a similar theme.

The theme is- You have to play mind games to keep fucking them.

While I have doubt about the efficacy of such advice, it brings up an interesting and rarely discussed question.

What is the whole point of spending 23 hours dodging shit and playing mind games with women to get 1 hour of pussy?

Of course, white fatalistic men will drag our various reasons- from evo-pysch to the ‘life is unfair’ crap. But really.. why on earth should you have to put all that effort to get ‘unpaid pussy’?

It is just pussy! Only in the modern west, and some east-asian countries, is pussy a valuable commodity. In every other country decent looking pussy is inexpensive and easily accessible. The reasons behind the attitude of women in the west, and now east-asian, countries is linked to something that most of you do not want to comprehend.

You are stupid enough to protect women without any quid pro quo.

In most other countries, ONLY attached women are protected. Unattached women are largely on their own, even if they have a job.Almost nobody is going to help ‘damsels in distress’ unless there is a reasonable chance of obtaining something in return. In the west, men are stupid enough to help women even if there is no realistic chance of any reciprocation.

In most other countries, being physical and overt when you flirt or have sex with a woman is NORMAL. Only in the west is such behavior seen as criminal- if the woman chooses so chooses. I am not suggesting that stalking a woman in any culture is seen as acceptable, but fairly aggressive flirting is acceptable in most cultures- even fairly conservative ones.

If you raise the price and value of pussy through artificial means, don’t complain when those who have it will use that to manipulate you.

Game, as you know it, exists because men like you help prop up the price of pussy. Stop supporting the rigged market of ‘unpaid’ pussy.

Note that I did not say- don’t have sex. On the contrary- you should be able to buy, or get, as much sex as you desire.

But that will never happen as long as getting ‘unpaid’ sex gives you a false sense of achievement.

What you really want is sex with an attractive, enthusiastic and reasonably safe woman- ON YOUR TERMS. But it is you who believe that sex is a gift few men deserve. Keep shooting yourself in your dick.. it is quite entertaining to watch so-called ‘intelligent’ men fuck themselves so badly.


Jasmin Cadavid: Aug 9, 2010

August 9, 2010 1 comment

Ya, I know it is NSFW- but so are the subjects of most of my written posts.

Anyway, an assorted gallery of Jasmin Cadavid.

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CONservatives Versus LIEbrals: Aug 9, 2010

August 9, 2010 3 comments

Each group has its own properties-

CONservatives = Sociopaths, Hypocrites, Mass Murderers and Obligate Parasites.

Note- I lump the extreme left, libertarians and feminists along with conservatives, because their ideologies are far more similar to CONservative thinking than LIEbrals.

LIEbrals= Small time scamsters and hucksters with a parasitic mode of existence.

LIEbrals are the lesser evil, by a long shot, when compared to CONservatives.


Jenni from FemJoy: Assorted Pics

August 9, 2010 2 comments

A gallery of assorted pics of Jenni from FemJoy.

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Tiger Woods: A Cautionary Tale

August 9, 2010 2 comments

Tiger Woods when he was married AND banging many women on the side.

Tiger Woods after separation from his wife AND the legal ass-raping he has since received.