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How Men Shortchange Themselves: 1

August 10, 2010 20 comments

I was reading a post on the concept of sexual peak. The article and comments on it, reminded me of something that I have preached for a long time.

Most men shortchange themselves all the time.

Before going into the reasons behind such self-destructive behavior, let me enumerate the ways men fuck themselves.

1] Working hard, dangerous jobs and stressing themselves.

Seriously, who or what are you killing yourself for? Is it even worth it or still relevant? In the past, people lived a precarious and unstable existence in tribes, villages, small towns and your willingness to work yourself to death was rewarded with something. In the world we live in, working yourself to an early death is unrewarded and the mark of suckers who bought the Calvinist Koolaid.

2] Listening to women and valuing their beliefs.

Are you that stupid? Why should you care about anything a woman says? What is in it for you? Trying to appeal to women or caring about their beliefs was always a bad idea. Don’t do it! Everything that a woman tries to tell you or makes you believe is to further her agenda at your loss.

3] Not caring about your physical wellbeing.

Once again, utilize every single real advance in medicine for your own benefit. But learn to distinguish the hype and fakery from measurable reality. I will write about this in detail in the next part of this series.

4] Live on your own terms and enjoy it.

Don’t waste your life living for others, or pleasing them. Enjoy your life as you see fit, and do what you want (or close to it). Be interested in your life and do what YOU want. Don’t let yourself be held back by public ridicule or concerns about your status. You are never too old to do anything you can do.

Don’t be afraid of learning new things and exploring the world.

Ever wondered why innovators in areas from science, arts, war, have always been functionally single or gay men?

Heterosexual innovators are almost without exception one of the following types- young and single (many.. many), single virgins (Issac Newton, Christian Huygens), single widowed (Anton van Leeuwenhoek, Alois Alzheimer, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson), single by choice (Adam Smith, Beethoven, Voltaire, Wright Brothers), promiscuous rouges (Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, Erwin Schrödinger, Julius Caesar), men with unusual sexual practices (Mozart, Rousseau), men with dysfunctional wives (Oppenheimer) or men with very traditional supporting wives (Max plank, Ernst Mach, Werner Von Braun). Only men who could truly focus on their inner world have lived what most of us would see as truly worthwhile lives.

Creativity in men often died by 30 because most of them USED TO BE married by that age. After getting the wife and kids package, they became slaves to the needs, wants and drama of their family and stopped following their true calling.

Most married men have always been tools! Don’t join their ranks.