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Jenya D from MetArt

August 16, 2010 9 comments

There are a number of assorted NSFW galleries of this cutie, on another blog.

Jenya D at MetArt: 1

Jenya D at MetArt: 2

Jenya D at MetArt: 3

Jenya D at MetArt: Angelic

Jenya D = Katie Fey = Eugenia Diordychuk

Measurements: height – 5’5′ (168 cm ), bust – 34, waist – 24, hips – 34 ( 94/62/92 ).

Weight: 55 kg.

Origin: Druzhkovka, Ukraine.


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Stop Believing in Myths: 2

August 16, 2010 12 comments

More myths, continued from the previous part of this series: Stop Believing in Myths: 1

6] Richer or smarter people are more trustworthy.

Your financial advisor, stock-broker, doctor, lawyer, builder, head of your company is MUCH LESS trustworthy than the shifty-looking guy trying to steal from a big box store. Not only can these “respectable” professionals cause more financial and non-financial damage per scam, but they feel entitled to rape your ass. At least the average criminal knows that he is doing something wrong..

The “respectable” professional considers cheating, scamming and misleading you as part of his/her business. They are actually upset if you complain and demand accountability. I have never understood how average white people can be stupid enough to concentrate on the non-white shoplifter when they are being pauperized, lied to, stolen from and given poor treatment by the trustworthy educated “professionals”.

7] Working hard is the path to riches.

Seriously, how can people still believe this crap? Study the life history of any 10 random rich people and you will realize that chance, luck, government largess and scams are the major factors determining “success”. Working hard is for suckers like you, who believe that it will help them become rich. Now this does not mean that working hard will not make somebody rich- just not you. But keep killing yourself to line the pockets of others.

Working hard would only work for you in a world where most people did not become wealthy from legal theft. Look around you- do we live in that world yet?

8] Government is bad, private enterprise is good. Regulations are bad, the free market is self-correcting.

While I am no supporter of the public sector, it is hard to ignore that the private sector often fucks up even more. While the idea of bureaucrats running hotels, restaurants and malls is nightmarish, we know what happens when harvard MBAs try to manage the very utilities that make civilization possible. Do you want your power plants, electricity grid, road network, water and sewage systems built and run by for profit shysters with no regulatory oversight?

In any case, there is no “real free market” and there never was one. What we have is an uneasy compromise between legalized looting of people and fear of anarchy. Concepts in eCONomics such as “free market”, “rational actors” etc are theoretical concepts with no links to reality.

9] The wisdom of ‘famous’ people from previous eras is useful.

NO, it is not! While humans might not have evolved much in the last three thousand years, the technology and possibilities inherent in its use have made a lot of older maxims and concepts worse than useless. Even a simple and evolutionary advance such as free or inexpensive blogs has changed the way news is created, read and understood. To say that the loss of monopoly by mass media has no significant effects on the way people perceive, understand and react towards events is disingenuous.

Much of the ‘wisdom’ of earlier eras was based in social systems with very different living standards, attitudes, possibilities, opportunities and consequences than what we currently have. You cannot fly a 5th generation supersonic airplane with the flying manual of a WW1 era biplane, though they are both flying machines with similar basic controls and paradigms.

10] We should all try to lead normal lives.

Normal, as defined by whom? and when? Why should you try to achieve something or emulate a behavior that is not in you best interests? While they may have ‘worked as advertised’ in the past, do they still ‘work as advertised’?

LTRs with women, marriage, having kids, financial frugality, loyalty etc once used to work as advertise or gave a reasonably good outcome in most previous eras. They were rarely suicidal.. can you honestly say that now? The only people who benefit from your wish to have a normal life is EVERYONE BUT YOU. You want to be the sucker? go ahead..

You do not want to pay for sex? Fine- pay child support for a kid you rarely see. Want to enjoy matrimony? Hey, someone has to create business for the wedding, divorce and housing industry. Want to be financially frugal? Watch your savings melt away as financial advisors make money for themselves while destroying your capital. Want to be loyal to a business, person or institution- Enjoy the screwing you are going to get.

I will tackle more myths in the next part of this series.


Stop Believing in Myths: 1

August 16, 2010 6 comments

I believe that most human suffering is the result of believing in readily falsifiable myths. However, since most people do not like to think or act on their thoughts, they allow these destructive myths to ruin their lives.

Consider this post an introduction-

1] People can predict the future.

This myth is destructive in more ways than one. Not only does a belief in the ability to predict the future make you overestimate your control on events, but it also makes you take chances and do things that you otherwise might not do.

However this myth is at the basis of all forecasting, however scientific it may sound. This myth makes people invest in the stock market, believe climate predictions, think eCONomics is a science, believe in the growth of their retirement savings and trust “experts” to make “informed” decisions for them.

If you truly understood how little we know about the universe, and how it works- you would be very humbled. Unfortunately most scientists, who should know better, tend to believe in this myth more so than the common man.

2] Experts know..

A continuation of the “we can predict” myth, this one synergies with the first to produce truly awful consequences.

Doctors throughout human history have killed many more than they have helped, because of the belief that they knew what they were doing. Since WW2, the medical profession kills fewer people than it helps- but that is due to new drugs and technology that they had no part in developing. However that does not stop them from trying to go back to the old ways..

Consider how many soldiers died in WW1 and WW2 because of poor decisions by educated and trained experts. It seems that these idiots had no clue about the effect of modern technology on the nature and extent of warfare. But were they not the best and the brightest.

I can give, and have previously given, many examples to illustrate this particular myth.

3] Rich people are necessary..

While some degree of income inequality is necessary to make humans innovate, are the grotesque inequalities we see necessary?

Most people will not ‘hate’ if a person who finds a better way of doing things, invents a new appliance, drug, service makes more money than them- even a lot more money. But what about those who use monopoly, oligopoly, regulatory capture, buying legislators, ‘law and order’ and financialism to make more money?

Do such people contribute to social stability, progress, innovation or anything other than lining their pockets? and do they really invest in innovation-other than by accident?

4] Frugality is good.

In a zero sum world, frugality is good- but we no longer live in one. In a world where present consumption determines economic and social stability which in turn creates the conditions for progress, it is consumption NOT production that is the driver for innovation.

But frugality (‘paradox of thrift’) affects consumption and thereby creates social and economic instability- deflation. Countries such as Germany, Japan and China depend on the ‘profligate spending’ of the ‘consumption addicted american’ to grow and prosper- NOT the other way around.

I plan to explore this theme in future posts.

5] Poor people are stupid, greedy, ungrateful, unnecessary etc

So are most rich and middle-class people- but it takes an extra helping of hubris to see those faults in others, but not in yourself. Infact the motivation of HBD can be summed up as- Poor people are stupid, greedy, ungrateful, unnecessary etc because of -“insert scientific sounding reason”.

I would argue that a black woman who scams welfare creates many more well paid jobs, directly and indirectly, than a white man worth a few million. You see, the black woman spends money on services and goods from many different sources. Her unwillingness to save money creates more jobs by circulating money. Even indirectly, a considerable bureaucrats and “experts” are employed because of a welfare scamming black woman.

In contrast your average white millionaire uses his “extra” money for speculation on property, goods and other ponzi schemes. They just do not create as many jobs as poor and indigent people.. and by the way, who buys most of the crap that keeps the economy moving?

I have a few more myths to expose in upcoming parts of this series- and they will get much more nastier. The ones in this post are just a starter..


More Nekkid Girls: Aug 16, 2010

August 16, 2010 Leave a comment

As promised, most of the NSFW stuff will now end up on another blog : Nudie Cuties.

But that does not mean I will stop reminding you about posts on that blog. Will go back to posting intellectual stuff on this blog today evening.

So click if you dare, or are at home. Once again, the links are NSFW.

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