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NSFW Stuff on the Other Blog: Aug 19, 2010

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Reality and Perception: Interacting with Women

August 18, 2010 4 comments

Most of you think that women see men like this-

When in reality, they see you like this-

Isn’t it time you returned the favor and saw them like this-

Note the impersonal but efficient packaging, best-before date and discount on the first price.


NSFW Stuff on the Other Blog: Aug 18, 2010

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Consequences of Bad Faith

August 18, 2010 3 comments

I am busy writing a couple of longish articles about frugality, but a post on Seasons of Tumult and Discord caught my eye. In brief, the post is about how holding descendants responsible for the consequences of their ancestors actions is the flip side of a social order based on birth privilege.

I have previously alluded to the consequences of white attitudes on their future in many posts. While I have restricted my discussion of possible consequences to the somewhat older groups of whites, it does not take a genius to read between the lines.

I am talking specifically about other privileges (higher paying jobs, greater access to ‘unpaid’ women etc). One could say that these privileges are based on birth, specifically race, in western countries. However the changing composition to the working age population will create some interesting situations.

Nobody is suggesting that there will be any coordinated effort to make people pay for their outdated beliefs. But it is very likely that individual bad faith, neglect, willful oversight and even subconscious disengagement could sum up and create far more damage than any coordinated action could ever achieve. It is also likely that those affected won’t just be older whites who grew up in another era, as racial birthright privilege makes almost any person (regardless of age) fair game.

In a simpler system, bad faith is easy to see and deal with. More complex, multi-linkage, systems are however much harder to fix. They also have the unfortunate tendency to amplify and disseminate bad faith in loops of increasing size and spread till the system suffers catastrophic failure- often from an otherwise manageable external challenge.

It is important to understand that any remedy whites may try to seek against non-whites is limited by white demography AND the lack of clear technological superiority. Technology, manufacturing and basic science is, to a very significant extent, already non-white.