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Weekend Art: Miguela from MetArt

August 20, 2010 1 comment

A few NSFW pictures from a new shoot of Miguela at MetArt. This new one is called ‘softer’.


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Why Frugality is a BAD Idea: 1

August 20, 2010 10 comments

Many CONservative types (libertarians and extreme leftists included) have a deep-seated attachment towards the concept of frugality. However their desires have less to do with existing reality than with a more primitive perception of reality.

Frugality is a logical, if not rational, reaction to perpetual scarcity.

Scarcity of resources, things and services was the rule before the second stage of the industrial revolution (pre-1880s), but is no longer the case. Indeed, the converse is true as we can produce more than we can realistically consume, and I am talking about all 7-8 billion people on earth- not just ‘developed’ nations. Just to be clear- we are not talking about ten Airbus 380s for every man, woman and child- but something far more realistic-

It is possible to provide infrastructure, food, education, housing, transportation, healthcare and communication of a quality and abundance that exceeds what an affluent person living in a ‘developed’ country currently enjoys to every single person on this earth. All of this can be done without “exhausting resources” or any of that dying white dog-in-the-manger bullshit.

The real issue is, therefore, not technology or resources but human shortcomings- specifically human attitudes, preconceptions and just plain stupidity. So before we analyse why frugality is bad, let us try to understand the real reasons behind support for frugality.

1] Resources, things or services appear to be scarce, or your belief systems makes it heretical to believe otherwise. (CONservatives, environMENTALISTs)

2] People feel the need to control or screw over other people by misrepresenting the real cost of a better life. (The self-appointed “elite” of all societies and increasingly.. aging whites who have begun to see their rapidly declining relevance)

3] Everybody else appears to be doing it. (Sheeple)

4] Mercantile zero-sum mindset. (Chinese, Japanese, Indian, German, French etc)

5] Need for spiritual purity as required by cults (mainstream religions) that promise a ‘glorious afterlife’ in exchange for sacrifices that benefit the priests of that religion (pretty much all monotheistic faiths including sub-denominations, capitalism, calvinism, communism, feminism, extreme left world views)

Note- those who preach frugality for ‘spiritual purity’ and a ‘glorious afterlife’ or its secular equivalent never practice what they preach.

However the most important reason and logical basis of frugality is the belief that you can realistically save money for enjoying a better life in the future. The next post, or two, of this series will be devoted to eviscerating this flawed belief, on more than one level.


“Producers of Value” are the Real Parasites

August 20, 2010 15 comments

The idea proposed in this post is somewhat heretical though hardly unprecedented.

“Producers of Value” are the Real Parasites.

Producers = so-called ‘productive’ people that produce useful stuff (inventors, entrepreneurs, companies and services) and net useless or obviously harmful stuff (venture capitalists, MBAs, lawyers, bankers etc). So why are “producers” parasitic? If you believe the average brainwashed moron- we should be thankful to these “gods” for letting us live.

Let us start by defining parasitism-

Parasitism is a type of symbiotic relationship between organisms of different species where one organism, the parasite, benefits at the expense of the host.

An obligate parasite is a parasitic organism that cannot live independently of its host.

An obligate parasite is then something which cannot exist without its host, and benefits more from the relationship than the host. It is important to remember that even obligate parasites can confer survival advantages and other quantifiable benefits on its host.

So the question is-

Can humans, as a species, survive without these overcompensated producers? The answer- Humans can survive without these parasites. The majority of our existence as a species occurred in the absence of such parasites. As previously noted, some of these obligate parasites do confer advantages on their hosts, but most do not.

The guys who created the first CPU, discovered antibiotics, vaccines, made new metal alloys, created various new machines constitute the minority of obligate parasites. Most obligate parasites are rent-seeking thugs and CONmen, who also constitute the vast majority of our highly compensated classes. They do not intentionally do, contribute or facilitate anything that confers a survival advantage on the host.

If anything, their actions actively undermine the continued well-being of the host, often to levels where the host dies- quickly (western roman empire), slowly (eastern roman empire, british empire) or stagnates into a perpetual twilight (the last 2.5 thousand -100 years of chinese/ japanese/ korean history).

Most laws, regulations, customs, institutions and a large part of the real and social infrastructure benefits these obligate parasites at the expense of the host, even though most of them do not help the host in any manner whatsoever.The only good news is that parasite-heavy hosts always die or are taken over by other less parasitized hosts.

Oh, and by the way- most of that so-called “value” these producers generously add to the host is fictional bullshit to justify their ass-raping.


Update: 20 Aug, 2010

August 20, 2010 Leave a comment

I am busy writing a few long posts AND finishing up a little work-related project in my real life. Will get back to my normal schedule of 2 articles per day by the end of this weekend.

Here is some eye candy to keep you busy till this evening. Warning- links are NSFW.

Ebony Cuties from ModelMayhem: Aug 20, 2010

Amelie at FemJoy: Aug 20, 2010 She is a total cutie!

and finally

Wet Cuties from ModelMayhem: 20 Aug, 2010

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