Cost Benefit Analysis: Aug 23, 2010

In a previous post, I talked about cost-benefit analysis.

Various Scenarios-

1] You try to be reasonable and humane to her.

This will guarantee LJBF and other forms of parasitism, especially if you are non-white.

2] You try to ‘game’ her.

Might work, but do want to keep fucking average-looking rejects past their ‘best before’ date? Plus this approach will be far more expensive for you than an equivalent white guy.

3] Treat them like sub-human pieces of shit and always remind them that there are inferior.

Might get you less “unpaid” pussy than option 2, but who cares- you are fucking good-looking escorts on your terms.

Option 3] is the most desirable approach because it gets you what you want AND on your terms. Plus it is far easier to make more money than chase women, if you are non-white. This option also has the added advantage that you can piss all over them and tell them exactly what you think about them- because guess what, your ability to get laid is linked to what you can pay for NOT whether you can charm their clothes off.

The feeling that you can get from making extremely nasty, tasteless and snide remarks to women is just too hard (and good) to adequately describe with words.


  1. The Plague Doctor
    August 23, 2010 at 9:57 pm

    Have you tried gaming with the Plague Doctor’s patented “Spit Opener”?

    1. Spit in their face.
    2. ???
    3. Profit!

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