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A Thought: 24 Aug, 2010

August 24, 2010 1 comment

I cannot help but notice that both of my NSFW pictures for vajazzled pussies are the amongst the top results of an unfiltered picture search for “vajazzle” and similar terms on both google and bing. When Ferdinand Bardamu came up with the idea of using vajazzle-themed links to push his post up google, little did I know that my two NSFW pictures would end up as the top NSFW pictures on that topic on both major search engines.

Here are links to those infamous NSFW pictures.





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Analysis of Objections to Using Escorts: Aug 24, 2010

August 24, 2010 50 comments

One of the comments in a previous post gave a list of reasons why “unpaid” sex is better than escorts. I believe otherwise and will, once again, answer every point raised.

-A much higher risk of contracting an STD (not all STDs can be prevented by using a condom).

Unless you are having unprotected sex with a streetwalker or crack/meth whore, your risk of getting diseases from paid sex is lower than unpaid sex. The reasons are very simple and related to the profile, income, testing, treatment of escorts and the use of bulletin boards by hobbyists.

The average escort is usually not poor or desperate. Most get tested about once every month and use protection for all penetrative sex, so most traditional STDs are very rare and hard to catch from having sex with them. While HPV (warts) and HSV (herpes) are not totally preventable with condoms, the unfortunate reality is that a very large percentage of young women are already carriers of such diseases- so you cannot win by sticking to ‘unpaid’ sex. Plus both diseases are most transmissible when the woman has active disease or flareups, something that is rare with well compensated escorts who will just take a vacation from the job till it is clears up or is properly treated.

-Loose, lower quality pussy because said girl is constantly fucking all kinds of men.

Surprisingly NO! Loose pussy is related to having kids, and some are just loose to begin with. Some of the tightest cunts I had the pleasure of fucking belonged to young and slim escorts.

-It doesn’t help you get a companion if that is what you want (a girlfriend to hang out with and talk to on a regular day-to-day basis).

Actually, I don’t want to interact with sexually desirable women outside sex and maybe some cuddling.

-No sex on a day-to-day basis unless you can afford to pay the escorts fees every day.

How many guys in a relationship get that anyway? Plus I get a fair amount of freebies/ half-off sessions from some of my favorites, on my terms.

Moreover, I do not turn down decent low commitment sex if it is available. I have had such arrangements for years.

-No raw sex, and we all know that is the best sex.

How many PUAs are stupid enough to rawdog a woman they barely know? In any case, most escorts give BJs without condoms to most clients.

-No woman who fulfills your emotional needs on a day-to-day basis.

How can any guy believe that women can fulfill ANY emotional need. Seriously, what are you smoking?


NSFW Links: 24 Aug, 2010

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