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A Thought: 24 Aug, 2010

I cannot help but notice that both of my NSFW pictures for vajazzled pussies are the amongst the top results of an unfiltered picture search for “vajazzle” and similar terms on both google and bing. When Ferdinand Bardamu came up with the idea of using vajazzle-themed links to push his post up google, little did I know that my two NSFW pictures would end up as the top NSFW pictures on that topic on both major search engines.

Here are links to those infamous NSFW pictures.





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  1. August 24, 2010 at 10:18 pm

    You can never predict what will get the search engines’ juices flowing. You write excited thinking about the millions of people who are gonna hit it, and then it’s not even indexed, or it’s the 30th result or something (it looks like Ferdinand’s posts on vajazzling are on google page 4, kind of disappointing after the google bombing he was coordinating).

    Then you spend 5 minutes doing something random… and it’s your biggest traffic generator =P

    These internets, man… science might never understand how they work

    Those two pictures have consistently given me about 100 extra hits per day for the last 3 months.

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