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What is the Reward of Social Acceptance?

August 26, 2010 23 comments

Humans beings care about what other think because, for most of history, it mattered.

So tell me something-

Does it still matter? Really?

Almost every single person who expresses any adverse opinion about your actions or thoughts would never help you even if you had never upset him/her in the first place. What others think about you ceased to be important with the development of the first cities, and became inconsequential after post ww2 technological and social changes.

The opinion of others matter only in small isolated groups where you have depend on each other for survival and safety. Once the group size exceeds 10k people- it matters less, 100k- it matters very little, 1 million- it is inconsequential.

Isn’t that the rationale behind ‘game’ in urban areas anyway? So what about using escorts? What is the difference?