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Zero Sum Behavior and Environmentalism

August 27, 2010 4 comments

Zero sum behavior is a paradigm under which its ‘true’ believers assume the following-

1] Resources are limited.

2] We have found all resources and know everything.

3] Now it is a game of screwing the ‘others’ to remain alive.

While this paradigm and the resultant self-defeating behavior is not unique to any group, race or age- its manifestations and names change. In the secular post-1960 west, it manifests itself through environmentalism.

Let me list some peculiar aspects of environmentalism.

a] The most vocal supporters are aging and affluent whites- the same people who did (and are doing) the most damage to what they seek to protect.

b] They pay lip-service to curbing their own consumption, but wage campaigns to prevent less affluent whites and colored people from living like them.

c] They keep on repeating and regurgitating concepts like population growth, resource scarcity, technological bottlenecks which either are no longer true or have been overcome.

d] They have more sympathy for a predator that kills ‘other’ humans than the humans. Of course they cloak their hate in scientific sounding language, and plead for the conservation of nature.

e] They live in some of the most artificial environments ever created by man, but make appeals to others to live in harmony with ‘nature’.

f] They make up ‘models’ of ‘available’ resource use to show how ‘it is unsustainable’. Factors such as uncertainty of knowledge, changes in resource use and technological advancements do not seem to deter their enthusiasm for fraudulent models and ‘predictions’.

g] They want to make decisions about the lives and future of ‘others’, with the goal of harming them- but pretend otherwise when challenged.

I will write more about this topic in a future post. Let me leave you with one thought..

Should the ‘others’ not see these ‘zero summers’ as a mortal enemy and make every effort to exterminate them and their progeny- something that is likely to happen in one form or another.


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