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Eternal Questions: 28 Aug, 2010

August 28, 2010 28 comments

How much crap, bullshit and flaking do you take for one new average-looking lay? How much effort, time and money do you spend to get one new average-looking lay? How much LMR, posturing and game playing do you endure for one new average-looking lay?

and what do you get after all that?

One average-looking lay.

Is she worth it? Seriously? All of this drama for one new average lay?

Compare that to the effort expended for an average income, average car, average dinner… average ANYTHING.


NSFW Links: 28 Aug, 2010

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More Kalinka at FemJoy

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Another assorted gallery of Kalinka at FemJoy, who is also known as Isabella A at MetArt.

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Kalinka at FemJoy

August 28, 2010 1 comment

An assorted gallery of Kalinka at FemJoy, she is also known as Isabella A at MetArt.

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Exposing Flaws in Libertarian Ideology: Aug 28, 2010

August 28, 2010 12 comments

It is much easier to expose the flaws in ideologies by soliciting their views on real world problems. A recent article by Yves Smith (pseudonym) on asks a very good question which exposes the hollowness of most flavors of libertarianism. As many of you know, inspite of my agreement with some concepts that underlie libertarianism, I do not support that ideology because of its inadequacy at dealing with quirks of human behavior that sabotage its implementation.

What is the Proper Libertarian Response to Concentrated Corporate Power?

A question for readers: in many lines of commerce, large firms often enjoy significant cost and/or revenue advantages relative to smaller players. Over time, these industries tend to evolve to a format where many of the most successful enterprises are very large organizations. These firms typically wield considerable power relative to players smaller than they are, such as employees, suppliers, and customers, and often seek to influence governments. Moreover, many fields of enterprise have considerable barriers to entry, which further entrenches the position of powerful incumbents.

How do libertarians propose to respond to the power of large enterprises?

Feel free to comment- both on this blog and on the parent post.

Don’t Give Relationship Advice to Women

August 28, 2010 5 comments

Many men, including PUAs, have a strange habit.

They try to give, or provide, relationship advice to women.

Why on earth would a sane man do that? Let me explain-

Almost all pre-menopausal women have no interest in anything connected to objectivity. They are NOT interested in any opinion, help, assistance or advice that contradicts their beliefs. When they are asking your advice, what they really want to hear is-

You are the greatest, smartest and hottest woman around- every other woman is stupid, dumb and ugly.

Any response that deviates from that script will either be ignored, violated, held against you or make her start an argument.

Some of you might think you could ‘neg’ or win over a woman by giving her some smartass response. While that could work under some conditions, it is ultimately a doomed mission with increasing effort for decreasing amounts of aging ass.

Some of you might even genuinely want to help some of them (daughter, nieces etc) through such advice. Resist that temptation- as anything you say that contradicts her world-view at that instant will be ignored, trampled and held against you.

The simpler and more logical way out is-

Refuse to give any advice and treat requests for such advice with utter contempt.

While that may be against your social conditioning, ask yourself one question- How any woman who got your advice ever thanked you for it immediately- in any way? Thanking you long after the advice was given, does not count.

Giving a pre-menopausal women ANY advice on relationships (or pretty much anything else) is a thankless, futile and self-destructive endeavor. Don’t step into that shit, unless you enjoy swimming in it- do you?

Treat them with contempt, sit back and enjoy the show. You might actually get more ass that way.

Who gets more ass- a scientist whose discovery changed the world OR your average low-level drug dealer.