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What is the Upside of “Unpaid” Sex?

August 29, 2010 37 comments

OK, Here is a question which should be fun for my readers to answer-

What is the upside of “unpaid” sex?

What do you get in “unpaid” sex, that you cannot get with “paid” sex- as it currently exists.

Remember that “paid” sex as it currently exists in developed countries, with the exception of the USA, is a very different beast than what most people still think about it. The risk of STDs is low, it is legal or de facto legal in most countries, most service providers are part-timers, turnover rates are high, attitudes are good, quality of service is generally high, review boards allow the customer to find good SPs and avoid bad SPs and situations.

So what is the real upside of “unpaid” sex over “paid” sex? Is there any upside?

Update– In one of rooshv’s latest posts (HT Nestorius), he talks about the need for 30 solid approaches for one lay– something that is backed up by my experience with women before I started to ‘pay’ for sex. In my case the ratio was 20-50 depending on the venue, day, season and city.

While it takes about 10 solid approaches to get a bangable cougar, the quality of the experience can be quite poor.