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Analysis of Objections to Using Escorts: Aug 24, 2010

August 24, 2010 50 comments

One of the comments in a previous post gave a list of reasons why “unpaid” sex is better than escorts. I believe otherwise and will, once again, answer every point raised.

-A much higher risk of contracting an STD (not all STDs can be prevented by using a condom).

Unless you are having unprotected sex with a streetwalker or crack/meth whore, your risk of getting diseases from paid sex is lower than unpaid sex. The reasons are very simple and related to the profile, income, testing, treatment of escorts and the use of bulletin boards by hobbyists.

The average escort is usually not poor or desperate. Most get tested about once every month and use protection for all penetrative sex, so most traditional STDs are very rare and hard to catch from having sex with them. While HPV (warts) and HSV (herpes) are not totally preventable with condoms, the unfortunate reality is that a very large percentage of young women are already carriers of such diseases- so you cannot win by sticking to ‘unpaid’ sex. Plus both diseases are most transmissible when the woman has active disease or flareups, something that is rare with well compensated escorts who will just take a vacation from the job till it is clears up or is properly treated.

-Loose, lower quality pussy because said girl is constantly fucking all kinds of men.

Surprisingly NO! Loose pussy is related to having kids, and some are just loose to begin with. Some of the tightest cunts I had the pleasure of fucking belonged to young and slim escorts.

-It doesn’t help you get a companion if that is what you want (a girlfriend to hang out with and talk to on a regular day-to-day basis).

Actually, I don’t want to interact with sexually desirable women outside sex and maybe some cuddling.

-No sex on a day-to-day basis unless you can afford to pay the escorts fees every day.

How many guys in a relationship get that anyway? Plus I get a fair amount of freebies/ half-off sessions from some of my favorites, on my terms.

Moreover, I do not turn down decent low commitment sex if it is available. I have had such arrangements for years.

-No raw sex, and we all know that is the best sex.

How many PUAs are stupid enough to rawdog a woman they barely know? In any case, most escorts give BJs without condoms to most clients.

-No woman who fulfills your emotional needs on a day-to-day basis.

How can any guy believe that women can fulfill ANY emotional need. Seriously, what are you smoking?


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Cost Benefit Analysis: Aug 23, 2010

August 23, 2010 1 comment

In a previous post, I talked about cost-benefit analysis.

Various Scenarios-

1] You try to be reasonable and humane to her.

This will guarantee LJBF and other forms of parasitism, especially if you are non-white.

2] You try to ‘game’ her.

Might work, but do want to keep fucking average-looking rejects past their ‘best before’ date? Plus this approach will be far more expensive for you than an equivalent white guy.

3] Treat them like sub-human pieces of shit and always remind them that there are inferior.

Might get you less “unpaid” pussy than option 2, but who cares- you are fucking good-looking escorts on your terms.

Option 3] is the most desirable approach because it gets you what you want AND on your terms. Plus it is far easier to make more money than chase women, if you are non-white. This option also has the added advantage that you can piss all over them and tell them exactly what you think about them- because guess what, your ability to get laid is linked to what you can pay for NOT whether you can charm their clothes off.

The feeling that you can get from making extremely nasty, tasteless and snide remarks to women is just too hard (and good) to adequately describe with words.


Show No Mercy: Aug 23, 2010

August 23, 2010 12 comments

The “advice” in a recent post by Assanova titled “What Can Asian Guys Do?” is a good example of why I prefer escorts over “unpaid” sex.

The gist of that post can be summed up as- “your life sucks, eat the scraps”.

My three-step answer to this issue is based on a cost-benefit analysis:

1] Use your earning power to buy good-quality sex with hot and compliant girls.

2] Treat any woman who rejects your advances as a non-entity, but don’t waste too much of your mental capacity on dissing cunts- because that is what they really are.

3] Since you are not treated fairly, you have no reason to treat people fairly.

If your sense of fairness and basic human decency is not reciprocated, you have every right to screw and fuck over anybody who fits the profile of such non-reciprocators and their progeny. Feel free to abuse, scam, mock, insult and con them, preferably in a manner that is profitable to you (more money= more escorts).

One bad turn deserves many, in a manner that is satisfying and profitable to you.

You cannot make others treat you as an equal, but you fuck them (and their progeny) over. What do you really have to lose? Their respect? Another chance at decent treatment? Any opportunity? Their friendship?

You cannot lose what you never had! Show NO mercy, release your inner scheming sadist.


What Is Their Real Number?

August 23, 2010 12 comments

I was reading a recent post on another blog that referenced some government statistical data, about median (not average) number of sexual partners for men and women.

Here is my question-

How can the median number of sexual partners for a woman (25-44) be 6.7 or anywhere near that low number?

Think about it- based on your experience and what you have seen, would you not say that the median for a woman in her early 20s is over 10. PS- I do count repeated BJs as sex.

What is your guess about the median number of sexual partners for an 30 year old woman.

The Median is the “middle number” (in a sorted list of numbers). Half the numbers in the list will be less, and half the numbers will be greater.

Look at these numbers:

3, 13, 7, 5, 21, 23, 39, 23, 40, 23, 14, 12, 56, 23, 29
If we put those numbers in order we have:

3, 5, 7, 12, 13, 14, 21, 23, 23, 23, 23, 29, 39, 40, 56

There are fifteen numbers. Our middle number will be the eighth number:

3, 5, 7, 12, 13, 14, 21, 23, 23, 23, 23, 29, 39, 40, 56


The Full Spectrum of Obligate Parasitism

August 22, 2010 3 comments

Biological systems are a good proxy for understanding social systems as they have a similar level of complexity, feedback and plasticity combined with the ability to evolve.

In a previous post, I had made two statements.

1] All producers are obligate parasites.

2] Not all obligate parasites are harmful, and some can be incredibly beneficial.

So let me explain both points with well documented examples from biology. It is first necessary to understand the difference between symbiosis and obligate parasitism, as beneficial forms of the second can often masquerade as symbiosis.

True symbiosis involves two organisms or species that can survive on their own but often work together. A good example is Rhizobia and Legumes, where both can survive without each other but benefit immensely from their partnership.

Balanced trade between two countries, or functional business partnerships are social homologs of true symbiosis.

Now compare this interaction with mitochondria and chloroplasts which are present in eukaryotic cells. There is a very large body of evidence to suggest that both were once free-living Eubacteria that established symbiotic relationship with proto-eukaryotes (about 1-1.5 billion years? ago). However mitochondria and chloroplasts can no longer exist on their own.

Some of you may point out that without them animals and plants would also be crippled, but as the architect of the matrix reminds neo- “there are levels of survival we are prepared to accept”. In any case Archaea who are pre proto-eukaryotes have been kicking around since life began on earth. Archea and Eubacteria are sufficiently different, in biochemical and functional organisation, that it is possible for cellular life on earth to have evolved more than once.

I would consider this to be a good homologue for the development of agriculture and the first manual jobs. Note the word “jobs”, not work. Humans can exist without both though at much lower levels of complexity.

Now let us consider the case of retroviruses that have successfully integrated into the genome of animals- aka endogenous retroviruses. While most of you immediately think of HIV when retroviruses are mentioned, it is worth noting that the vast majority of retroviruses are either already integrated in the genome or are almost harmless. Infact, normal pregnancy in placental mammals requires controlled reactivation of some endogenous retroviruses that cause partial immunosuppression of the mothers immune system allowing her to carry the immunologically distinct fetuses to term.

A good social homologue of this is using customs, laws and regulations instead of de novo case-by-case decisions. While they can become immensely destructive and corrosive if they run wild without frequent calibration and change, under the right circumstances they can make social and economic interactions far more productive.

“Endosymbionts” in Paramecium and insects can under the right conditions enhance the survival of its carriers to the exclusion of those who do not.

This is analogous to using people with homicidal tendencies to fight wars for your group against other groups.

Then there are parasites that are common but harmless under most conditions. Viruses such as those that cause Herpes Simplex, Warts, CMV, Mononucleosis are common, chronic but rarely kill people.

Most bureaucrats are a good social analogue to such critters. They are widespread, undesirable but not particularly malicious- most of the time.

Parasites like HIV (virus) and various cancers (neoplasms) on the other hand cripple and ultimately kill the host for their own benefit. Some can jump from the dying host to a healthy host, others cannot.

Corporate lawyers, MBAs and other assorted ivy-league shysters are similar to parasites like HIV, in that they divert resources, multiply and cripple their host (company/ organisation)- ultimately kill it while trying to jump to a new uninfected host. The hereditary rich, monopolists and other rent-seekers are a lot like various cancers in that they metastasize throughout the host starving and displacing the functioning cells- and replacing healthy functional tissue with cancerous tissue.

All of the above examples (except the first) are obligate parasites. Some are beneficial to the host, some are neutral while others are lethal to their host.

What do you think? Comments?

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NSFW Links: 21 Aug, 2010

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From the other blog.. and once again- the links are NSFW.

Mona at FEMJOY: Eternal Sensuality


Bare Cuties from ModelMayhem: 21 Aug, 2010


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Weekend Art: Miguela from MetArt

August 20, 2010 1 comment

A few NSFW pictures from a new shoot of Miguela at MetArt. This new one is called ‘softer’.


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Why Frugality is a BAD Idea: 1

August 20, 2010 10 comments

Many CONservative types (libertarians and extreme leftists included) have a deep-seated attachment towards the concept of frugality. However their desires have less to do with existing reality than with a more primitive perception of reality.

Frugality is a logical, if not rational, reaction to perpetual scarcity.

Scarcity of resources, things and services was the rule before the second stage of the industrial revolution (pre-1880s), but is no longer the case. Indeed, the converse is true as we can produce more than we can realistically consume, and I am talking about all 7-8 billion people on earth- not just ‘developed’ nations. Just to be clear- we are not talking about ten Airbus 380s for every man, woman and child- but something far more realistic-

It is possible to provide infrastructure, food, education, housing, transportation, healthcare and communication of a quality and abundance that exceeds what an affluent person living in a ‘developed’ country currently enjoys to every single person on this earth. All of this can be done without “exhausting resources” or any of that dying white dog-in-the-manger bullshit.

The real issue is, therefore, not technology or resources but human shortcomings- specifically human attitudes, preconceptions and just plain stupidity. So before we analyse why frugality is bad, let us try to understand the real reasons behind support for frugality.

1] Resources, things or services appear to be scarce, or your belief systems makes it heretical to believe otherwise. (CONservatives, environMENTALISTs)

2] People feel the need to control or screw over other people by misrepresenting the real cost of a better life. (The self-appointed “elite” of all societies and increasingly.. aging whites who have begun to see their rapidly declining relevance)

3] Everybody else appears to be doing it. (Sheeple)

4] Mercantile zero-sum mindset. (Chinese, Japanese, Indian, German, French etc)

5] Need for spiritual purity as required by cults (mainstream religions) that promise a ‘glorious afterlife’ in exchange for sacrifices that benefit the priests of that religion (pretty much all monotheistic faiths including sub-denominations, capitalism, calvinism, communism, feminism, extreme left world views)

Note- those who preach frugality for ‘spiritual purity’ and a ‘glorious afterlife’ or its secular equivalent never practice what they preach.

However the most important reason and logical basis of frugality is the belief that you can realistically save money for enjoying a better life in the future. The next post, or two, of this series will be devoted to eviscerating this flawed belief, on more than one level.


“Producers of Value” are the Real Parasites

August 20, 2010 15 comments

The idea proposed in this post is somewhat heretical though hardly unprecedented.

“Producers of Value” are the Real Parasites.

Producers = so-called ‘productive’ people that produce useful stuff (inventors, entrepreneurs, companies and services) and net useless or obviously harmful stuff (venture capitalists, MBAs, lawyers, bankers etc). So why are “producers” parasitic? If you believe the average brainwashed moron- we should be thankful to these “gods” for letting us live.

Let us start by defining parasitism-

Parasitism is a type of symbiotic relationship between organisms of different species where one organism, the parasite, benefits at the expense of the host.

An obligate parasite is a parasitic organism that cannot live independently of its host.

An obligate parasite is then something which cannot exist without its host, and benefits more from the relationship than the host. It is important to remember that even obligate parasites can confer survival advantages and other quantifiable benefits on its host.

So the question is-

Can humans, as a species, survive without these overcompensated producers? The answer- Humans can survive without these parasites. The majority of our existence as a species occurred in the absence of such parasites. As previously noted, some of these obligate parasites do confer advantages on their hosts, but most do not.

The guys who created the first CPU, discovered antibiotics, vaccines, made new metal alloys, created various new machines constitute the minority of obligate parasites. Most obligate parasites are rent-seeking thugs and CONmen, who also constitute the vast majority of our highly compensated classes. They do not intentionally do, contribute or facilitate anything that confers a survival advantage on the host.

If anything, their actions actively undermine the continued well-being of the host, often to levels where the host dies- quickly (western roman empire), slowly (eastern roman empire, british empire) or stagnates into a perpetual twilight (the last 2.5 thousand -100 years of chinese/ japanese/ korean history).

Most laws, regulations, customs, institutions and a large part of the real and social infrastructure benefits these obligate parasites at the expense of the host, even though most of them do not help the host in any manner whatsoever.The only good news is that parasite-heavy hosts always die or are taken over by other less parasitized hosts.

Oh, and by the way- most of that so-called “value” these producers generously add to the host is fictional bullshit to justify their ass-raping.


Update: 20 Aug, 2010

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I am busy writing a few long posts AND finishing up a little work-related project in my real life. Will get back to my normal schedule of 2 articles per day by the end of this weekend.

Here is some eye candy to keep you busy till this evening. Warning- links are NSFW.

Ebony Cuties from ModelMayhem: Aug 20, 2010

Amelie at FemJoy: Aug 20, 2010 She is a total cutie!

and finally

Wet Cuties from ModelMayhem: 20 Aug, 2010

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NSFW Stuff on the Other Blog: Aug 19, 2010

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Reality and Perception: Interacting with Women

August 18, 2010 4 comments

Most of you think that women see men like this-

When in reality, they see you like this-

Isn’t it time you returned the favor and saw them like this-

Note the impersonal but efficient packaging, best-before date and discount on the first price.


NSFW Stuff on the Other Blog: Aug 18, 2010

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