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Is Male Protectiveness towards Females Ingrained?

September 5, 2010 7 comments

One of popular beliefs within the general stream of “white man fatalism” is that male protectiveness towards women is somehow “genetically” ingrained. It is supposedly a product of “evolution” or some other scientific sounding bullshit.

Here is my question-

Are males in other mammalian species, including primates, protective towards females they do not fuck or have a very high chance of fucking?

The simple answer is… NO!

That is right.. in no other mammalian species will a male ever fight to defend or try to please a female. They may fight for or defend access to said female, but never for her. Even males with sexual access to females will stop defending access to them if they sense that they may lose or get killed.

The reason men will even considering defending a woman has more to do with a very human belief- future reward for current deed. Men will play along as long as there is a general and testable belief that their current deed will result in a future reward. Once they see the futility of their efforts, they will just ignore all demands for help etc and move on.

For most of human history, there was an unspoken contract that such deeds would not go unrewarded. Can you still say that? Is that still true? Male protectiveness towards females, as seen in some human societies, is just an old social contract. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.