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The Real Reason behind Opposition to Keynesianism

September 6, 2010 5 comments

Ever wondered why various groups from CONservatives, Libertarians and Neoliberals abhor Keynesianism?

Here is the short but tasteless answer-

Any group or ideology that is heavily invested in a zero sum view of the world always wants to kill, abuse or exploit others regardless of the long-term consequences of such behavior. Conservatism, Libertarianism and Neoliberalism are just different flavors of zero sum thinking.

These wonderful people just want to masturbate over and piss on the impoverished mass of “others” too feel good about themselves. While they may couch their rhetoric in complicated words and colorful graphs, they just want to enslave those others and murder their kids.

Worship them if that makes you feel better. You are at best- a useful idiot, as far as they are concerned.

Zero sum thinking will ultimately lead them nowhere, but they believe that they can outgame the universe. It is hard to take the stupid sociopathic ape out of most humans.


The Endgame of Debt Based Currency

September 6, 2010 2 comments

All debt based currencies, fiat or metal based, have the same endgame.

Debt default followed by system reset and another ‘new’ currency

Whether this occurs voluntarily through a jubilee of some sort, some combination of inability to service debt and unilateral default or inflation, every debt based currency has to reset to zero for civilization to continue. Human greed has always created more debt than is serviceable- either through lending practices and/or usurious interest rates.

The experience of the white west in the last 150 years is an aberration in which technological advances, population growth and moderate inflation combined with credit based increases in income stopped an outright default by any major white western country. But that is the past.

So what does the future look like? Consider the amount of private and governmental debt of most white western countries (and even asian ones like japan). Do you think that either the private debtors or sovereign governments can make the creditor of those debts whole, especially under the current socio-economic paradigms?

Who are these countries going to export to? and with what will their customers pay? What about promised payouts to their own citizens such as pensions? Do you think that countries who starve their own citizens to pay creditors will be functional or even exist for long? What about the insane continued increases in wages of generally useless and often harmful professions such as doctors, lawyers, MBAs, teachers and bureaucratic types? Where are the “new” jobs coming from? Have official policies and attitudes not destroyed opportunities for real innovation in the past 20 years? You may heard about the “it will be all right” shit and projections excreted by financial types and regurgitated by their cronies- but do you seriously believe them?

The real question is no longer if we will have worldwide default, but what form it will take and how long the process will last.


The Scarcity Mentality and Sex

September 6, 2010 7 comments

A short post that asks a simple question-

If you could get average sex (2-3 shots per session) at an average frequency (1-2 times a week) with an average looking woman (HB5) on you terms and without any excess risk of diseases or pregnancy- would you still put with up the shit that most women shovel at you?

So what is the problem? Are there not enough average women in the world? Are they not horny? What is so special about any woman that she could not be replaced with another?

It takes two parties to create a chronic shortage of anything that is not scarce- one to create the illusion of scarcity and another to play along. Stop playing their game on their terms.


Unfairness has its Consequences

September 6, 2010 9 comments

One of the popular memes on the blogosphere goes something like this-

“Life is not fair, quit whining”

There are many problems with this meme, so let us start with the most obvious. When most people complain, they are not demanding palatial homes, personal jets or million dollar super-cars. Most complaints are about basic things such as pay, living conditions and other mundane stuff because almost all humans possess a basic sense of fairness. It is simply not possible to build anything past a rag-tag group of 100-200 individuals without having some sense of fairness.

The other human impulse (stealing from others) does however compete with the need to be fair. In certain situations, lucky people can leverage their position to con and steal a lot from others. Such lucky conmen are also known as “elites”. However this creates a downstream problem, as other less lucky conmen want to emulate the luckier ones. We call such conmen- “the well off” (upper middle class). So these less lucky conmen now have to create and perpetrate a mythology to explain why they deserve their good life. This is where the whole education and heredity (HBD) scam comes in. It is worth noting that many upper-middle class conmen had fairly average or poor ancestors, who got lucky.

Curiously these lesser conmen never speculate about the reasons behind the relative poverty of their ancestors, because doing so would mean one of two things. Either admit that intelligence or ability has nothing to do with current socioeconomic status, thus destroying any reasoning behind why they deserve it more than others. OR admit that they are too stupid to understand they are “undeserving”.

So what is it- liar or stupid?

It is however the next step in the cascade of greed and stupidity that dooms civilizations. While it is possible to keep up false facades for extended periods of times through lucky streaks, it cannot last forever. Either a unexpected bad event or a series of them will ultimately expose that those who claim to be blesses or chosen are infact sociopathic liars.

One peculiar modern addition to the traditional reasons behind the loss of faith in its “elites” and “professionals” is communication and access to information. In previous eras, the lack of speedy, accessible and widespread communication kept many kleptocracies going on for longer than they would otherwise have existed. It is fair to say that technological innovations starting with things like the mimeograph, cheap box cameras (early 1900s) to cheap computers, smartphones (today) have changed the very nature of public faith in the “elites” and their buttboys aka upper middle-class professionals.

The reason behind the loss of revenue and attention towards traditional media (print, tv, movies) has less to do with it being old-fashioned than it being seen as extremely disingenuous, if only as a subconscious level. The more verifiable information that people get from sources other than the ‘traditional’, the more they disbelieve the traditional. This process is also incredibly resistant to jamming by the elites and their lackeys, as the underlying technology of communication is an essential part of the world we live in and tends to mutate when challenged.

Many upper-middle class ‘professionals’ (lesser conmen) bemoan the days when they had real authority and respect. But they have only themselves to blame, as it is their greed that created the dissonance that has destroyed public faith in them.

The popularity of alternative medicine is largely due the scams and useless/harmful shit pushed by greedy doctors. People don’t believe academics and ‘experts’, like they used to, because they have heard and seen many who were wrong, greedy and actually harmed those who they were supposed to help. People do not believe financial types because they have experienced the effects of their advice on their financial status. People hate MBAs and lawyers because many have experienced their glib sociopathy in a very personal way. CEOs, people in human resources and management are widely seen as sociopathic conmen, with no real utility, because that is what they really are. Yet all these shysters are still compensated far better than people who do useful stuff.

But all you can hear is “Life is unfair, quit whining” which is somewhat odd since these clever morons have not figured out that people who do not whine about unfairness and far more likely to do something about it- directly or indirectly.

These clever morons actually think that people who do not whine about unfairness have ‘accepted their fate’. People never really ‘accept their fate’ and while they may not have been able to do something about it in previous eras, we no longer live in those eras. An era with widespread and easily accessible communication combined with the demographic profiles and financial system has far different tolerances for system integrity and creates possibilities that most clever morons could not have even dream about.

It is now not even necessary for people to consciously act in bad faith to fuck things up. Even a string of unconscious and instinctive responses to adverse events can generate ever larger ‘negative’ feedback loops till the system starts coming apart. It is of course hard to predict which event will start a particular chain reaction, but it is fair to say the system has a degree of structural instability which make it very susceptible to amplifying ‘negative’ feedback loops.

But clever morons will ignore it and keep on saying- “life is unfair”, “we have higher IQ”, “we know.. ” and “we understand .. ” till the structure comes apart and buries them along with their progeny. They have no real choice, as they lose in either scenario (admitting the lie versus continuing the lie). The second option merely increases the time they have left.