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NSFW Link: Sep 7, 2010

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The following link is NSFW.

Monochrome Cuties from ModelMayhem: Sep 7, 2010


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Question of the Day: 7 Sep, 2010

September 7, 2010 7 comments

Many people like to point to European countries and Japan as evidence for Keynesianism (and other wealth redistribution policies) not working.

Here is my counter-question:

Can a construct like the US survive twenty years of deflation, adverse demographic trends and a rapidly rising level of bad faith in its citizenry?

The current scam worked as long as there was significant growth (real and fake), inflation and the ability to steal from others- aka the last 150 odd years. But what is the fate of such a system when traditional methods of papering over the holes and cracks are no longer available? Can it still hold without imploding or becoming dysfunctional to levels where it is unrecognizable?

The scams of CONservatism, Libertarianism or Neo-liberalism work only as long as the system can keep on growing at ever accelerating rates. Once that stops, the hollowness of their ideology become apparent. They are based on the concept of almost everyone being rational actors in a perfectly transparent economic system.

One of their key assumption is that the system cannot be gamed for any significant length of time by individuals/ small groups for personal gains or irrational reasons. Does that sound like the world you know or the humans you interact with?