Question of the Day: 7 Sep, 2010

Many people like to point to European countries and Japan as evidence for Keynesianism (and other wealth redistribution policies) not working.

Here is my counter-question:

Can a construct like the US survive twenty years of deflation, adverse demographic trends and a rapidly rising level of bad faith in its citizenry?

The current scam worked as long as there was significant growth (real and fake), inflation and the ability to steal from others- aka the last 150 odd years. But what is the fate of such a system when traditional methods of papering over the holes and cracks are no longer available? Can it still hold without imploding or becoming dysfunctional to levels where it is unrecognizable?

The scams of CONservatism, Libertarianism or Neo-liberalism work only as long as the system can keep on growing at ever accelerating rates. Once that stops, the hollowness of their ideology become apparent. They are based on the concept of almost everyone being rational actors in a perfectly transparent economic system.

One of their key assumption is that the system cannot be gamed for any significant length of time by individuals/ small groups for personal gains or irrational reasons. Does that sound like the world you know or the humans you interact with?


  1. dhelmet
    September 7, 2010 at 5:13 pm

    Your question has a false premise. It presumes that the current US system is based on something other than Keynesianism. That hasn’t been true for 80 years, and there is no sign of it changing.

    Ever heard of the Reagan “revolution”?

    I simply don’t see where your key assumption about the system not being gamed is relevant to all three systems. I can see that support for an extensive welfare system is predicated on the lack of widespread cheating, but what does that have to do with libertarianism and conservatism*?

    Most people cheat if they feel they are being slighted or exploited.

    * – i’m using conservatism in the more traditional sense rather than just the watered down liberalism that passes for conservatism currently.

    Shit is shit..

  2. Herbal Essence
    September 8, 2010 at 8:06 am

    Though I can understand your mistrust of Libertarianism, due to visions of corporate power run amok, I would argue that many of the corporate world’s worst faults are empowered by big government, and would be alleviated by a limited government.
    Were the U.S. to incorporate Libertarianism in a real and substantial way, we would see 1. Destabilizing of the current oppressive status quo 2. New markets for goods and services open up 3. A fantastic environment for entrepreneurial, creative, and innovative spirits (i.e. Men)

    Let’s look at what would happen regarding a topic discussed much here-Feminazism. A Libertarian government would legalize prostitution, delivering a mortal wound to a large plank of the Statist/Feminazi control structure. Rather than bearing the unrealistic expectations of shrieking wives and girlfriends, man could say “get the fuck out” knowing there was reasonable, good-looking, complaint-free pussy around the corner.
    A constitutionally-limited government would seriously cut down several Feminazi-dominated industries such as Public Education and Government Services. Women cannot compete in industries that are not rigged in their favor and subsidized by vast amounts of wealth redistribution.
    Formerly controlled products (such as marijuana) would become a legal trade, allowing a vast amount of street-smart males to make a decent living rather than dodging the police beforehand.
    No longer would winners and losers in the marketplace be decided by who has the most buddies in government. This gives all kinds of creative and smart people (mostly men) a fighting chance to gain market share.
    No longer would Social Conservatives and Feminazis be able to team up and enlist government’s help in enslaving men.

    The end result of Libertarianism would be
    1. A myriad of new opportunities for REAL growth that productive individuals (mostly men) will be naturally able to capitalize on.
    2. A death blow to feminism, statism, and social conservativism’s oppression in the U.S. Feminism and social conservativism would no doubt still be very powerful in some regions of the country but no longer would it be the law of the land, enforced by the State.

    • September 8, 2010 at 8:35 am

      …OR, in this new libertarian America, the new superconglomerate Goldman-Sachs-AIG-Fox-CNN-AT&T-Apple-Google-Microsoft-RIAA-Kraft-Halliburton-Xe-Wachovia-Harvard-Yale-Statefarm-Pfizer-Walmart (NYSE: GSAIGFCNNAGOOGMSRIAAKHXWHYSPFWM) will form and assume control of Washington D.C. They will form a new de-facto government and re-instate serfdom and the aristocracy, complete with a 99% tax rate on the non-aristocrats. HINT: You won’t be one of the aristocrats.

      • The Plague Doctor
        September 8, 2010 at 9:17 am

        Translation: a libertarian society will lead to a non-libertarian society. Therefore libertarianism is bad and we need a non-libertarian society!

      • Herbal Essence
        September 8, 2010 at 5:19 pm

        Well, isn’t that cute.

        Corporation’s worst excesses -ESPECIALLY- those of Halliburton Blackwater Xe Goldman Sachs were and are entirely aided and abetted by our current gov’t system.

        Tt is easier to change governments than the leadership and “ways” of corporations.

        But since you would rather be crushed under the jackboot of a statist matriarchy and spout left-wing talking points than consider a different view, I’ll leave you to it.

  3. Herbal Essence
    September 8, 2010 at 5:44 pm

    “Tt is easier to change governments than the leadership and “ways” of corporations.”

    Yes. And it’s worked for us SO WELL in the past. How silly of me to even question.

    So, are you going to vote for the Corporatist white knight on the Right or the Corporatist feminazi on the Left next time around? Either way, it’ll be better than a Constitutionally-Limited government! Heavens forfend!

  4. Rebel with a clue
    September 8, 2010 at 9:30 pm

    “Tt is easier to change governments than the leadership and “ways” of corporations.”

    Maybe, but how easy is it to change government policy ?
    How easy is it to change the food pyramid, as the truth becomes known.
    The food pyramid is one of the biggest government lies.

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