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Stop Believing in Myths: 3

September 9, 2010 4 comments

Some more myths that will hurt your ability to enjoy life. This is a continuation from the previous part of this series.

11] Most “professionals” are competent, care about doing their jobs properly and are ethical.

The reality is- NO, on all three counts! Only a minority of professionals are competent and interested in their jobs. The vast majority of credentialed professionals are no better than trained monkeys, who are incapable of applying the knowledge they claim to have learnt during their professional training. While many of them can repeat and regurgitate what they have been taught- any novel idea, concept and technique will be vigorously opposed by them. Most of them hide their mistakes behind laws, regulations, associations and big sounding words.

This maxim applies to fields as diverse as medicine, law, engineering and all those so-called high IQ professions. Their inability to think would not be a big issue if they were not so highly compensated and had credibility. Even worse, many of them suffer from the inability to see their own incompetence- something they happily ascribe to ‘proles’. A significant majority of them have no purpose in life other than steal money from others and then piss on them.

12] Marriage 1.0 was good.

No, it was not. At best, it was an acceptable alternative to using prostitutes in the pre-antibiotic era. Plus the lack of domestic technology and other constraints of the pre-modern era made marriage worthwhile for more than just sex.

So don’t delude yourself with nostalgia- it sucked, maybe less than it does today. Moreover, marriage 1.0 also made all sorts of demands on men of earlier eras.. from working themselves to death, fighting wars which never benefited them, marrying women they banged up, being chivalrous and putting on the appearance of a happy family man.

While the current scenario for men is not particularly good, it is actually an improvement from earlier eras. As long as you don’t get suckered in marriages, LTRs and kids- even guys who hardly get any ‘unpaid’ pussy are better off than if they lived in earlier eras.

13] It is possible to please people who ignore or look down upon YOU.

Seriously, why would you believe in such nonsense? Let me rephrase that- NOBODY who ignores or looks down on you can ever be pleased or won over, nor is it worth doing so. I am not talking about people on the proverbial fence, but those who are clearly not interested in interacting with you.

Think about it- why would they ever change their real opinion about you? At best, they may pretend to change their opinion as long you are doing them an unpaid favor. Don’t waste you time and effort on such useless sociopaths, but never forget their behavior. Make them and their progeny pay for it.

Appeasement never works over any time span other than the short-term.

14] People educated at famous universities are more competent than those from less famous universities.

Ok, ask yourself this question- If almost every real university uses the same teaching material and very similar “exams” why would the product have large variations in quality? This is especially true in the era of the internet, google and online resources.

Do most jobs require anywhere near the amount of material people learn in universities? So why would their competence vary to any measurable extent? The only real difference between those who attend famous universities and those who don’t is connections NOT competence.

Synonyms for ‘connections’ – nepotism, cronyism, favoritism, old-boys club and other terms that evoke third-world societies.

15] Living in a socially acceptable manner is better than optimizing your gains.

Unless a society can explicitly guarantee a decent existence in return for playing by some rules- don’t bother. Anything short of open, verifiable and explicit guarantees are meaningless and unenforceable.

Ask yourself- What do I want? and what is the most optimal way for me to get it? If that way is socially acceptable, great! If not- screw them! You have no duty to those who will not keep up their end of the bargain. Anybody who is trying to use guilt, shame or fear to get your compliance is an adversary- no exceptions.

More myths in the next part of this series, when I write it.