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How the Pentagon Manages Military Projects

September 13, 2010 1 comment

Have a look at the Pentagon’s “Integrated Defense Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics Life Cycle Management System,” a workflow chart that details the entire process of proposing, contracting (or not), developing (or not), and manufacturing (or not) weapons and all kinds of equipment for the US military.

HT- Is This the Reason Why Most Military Projects Go Over Budget?

Did I mention that government contractors are often Ayn Rand worshiping libertarians?

Click on the image to see the full-sized version.. and weep.

This is what you get for letting managers run the show!


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CONservative Societies are Stagnant

September 13, 2010 11 comments

As many of you know, I am agnostic when it comes to ideologies because.. face it- they ALL represent various versions of zero sum game. They all defend some status quo that is not particularly favorable to me, and most likely you.

Having said that some ideologies are worse than others. CONservative ideologies, western or eastern, come under the group of especially toxic ideologies. So what makes CONservatism more toxic than LIEbralism?

The simple answer is- Long Term Effects.

Can you think of even ONE civilization that did not stagnate after it went CONservative?

It may surprise you, but almost every CONservative civilization and culture had periods where it advanced quickly, made great contributions to human knowledge and did great things. So why did they stop?

In each and every case where they were not destroyed by natural causes or their sequela, they became smug and CONservative. Civilizations that achieve big leaps over their neighbors often suffer from a set of delusions including- they have ‘found it all’, ‘are all powerful’ and ‘nobody can ever catch up or surpass them’. This set of delusions by itself does not cause CONservatism, but sets up the next two steps that ensure it.

The next logical, if not rational, step after the delusion of “we know all” is the ape mind trying to play zero sum games. The result of these games is a rise in the power of the priesthood of that society, required to legitimize the scams perpetrated by the rich CONmen. The unfortunate secondary effect of this change is that the innovative are either working for the CONmen or being opposed by the priests.

This leads to a further lack of innovation and the appearance of two more self destructive behaviors- navel gazing and nostalgia. While neither introspection or nostalgia are by themselves problematic- in combination with each other and a zero sum zeitgeist they set in motion the next step.

The next step is a general social attitude that looks upon distorted, fraudulent and rose colored visions of the past as a guide for the future. This is what most of you know as CONservatism.

CONservatism is fucked up because it believes, and builds a whole world around, one fatally flawed idea.

The best way to solve new problems is through the use of old methods.

That is in essence why CONservatism causes stagnation. The assumption of total knowledge results in the inability or unwillingness to solve problems other than those encountered in the past. Moreover, old problems are solved only as well, and frequently worse, than in the past.

Since the world, physical and human, is not constant- sooner or later CONservatives will encounter a situation that will either destroy them or cripple them. Paradoxically, crippled CONservatives often become even more CONservative- largely because they refuse to believe that they were wrong.

Consider the track record of CONservatism. Have cultures and civilizations that embraced CONservative ideologies ever progressed after that? Why did India stagnate after the 6th century AD? China stagnated even earlier.. inspite of a brief reprieve under the Song dynasty. What about Japan? In every case it took multiple phases of colonialism, warlord-ism, violent civil wars and in the case of japan- two black ships and a world war to get them to look at the world around them. In each case they lost about 1-2 thousand years which could have been used for advancement and progress.

Europe itself progressed only after the black death, renaissance and printing made people aware of the folly of their old ways. LIEbralism, while irritating and occasionally frustrating, carries within it the ability to change, innovate and adapt as necessary- CONservatism does not, nor can it admit to be anything less than complete.


What if Your Viewpoint was Ignored? Sep 13, 2010

September 13, 2010 1 comment

Many older whites, and more than a few younger ones, have a peculiar delusional belief.

Those “others” will care for and sympathize with explanations for your beliefs, behavior and actions (and those of your ancestors).

My question is-

What if the “others” did not care? What if your viewpoint was ignored? What are you going to do about it?

Given the nature and dynamics of the world we live in today with its demographic trends, dominant economic paradigms and technology distributions- those “others” do not have to care about white explanations of their behavior and attitudes (past and present).

So what are you going to do about it? What can you do about it?