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The Fallacy of Resource Limitations

September 17, 2010 7 comments

One of the bullshit talking points trotted out by aging white environmentalists is the bugaboo of resource limitations. As I have previously said, this world view has more to do with a subconscious recognition of their declining power rather than any reality.

Consider the evidence-

Until coal was used on a large-scale, wood was the “constraint”. But wasn’t coal always there? It took us time to discover and use it on a large scale, but it was always there- though we were unaware of it.

Before the Haber-Bosch process of industrial nitrogen fixation was discovered the largest feeder source of inorganic nitrates were- farms in India and salt deposits in the Atacama desert.

Uranium ores were once considered useless, and no “well-known” scientist believed that controlled nuclear fission was possible- as late as 1938. So what changed?

Extracting crude oil from under the ocean was once considered economically unsound and technologically impossible. As recent events show, the real limitations have more to do with trying to cut corners than technical or economic feasibility.

So here is my somewhat heretical idea-

The biggest constraints in resource development are the attitudes and actions of those who believe that progress or change is not possible. Such morons also have the delusion of knowledge, intelligence and often a “university degree” to back it up. Moreover, such “wise” fucktards are often found in administrative positions of various societies.

But if we had always listened to such morons, everyone would still be living in mud huts and foraging for food. All progress occurred inspite of the warnings, delusions, predictions and bullshit spouted by these morons. Since these morons are disingenuous shysters obsessed with control, it is not possible to reason with them.

Your two options are ignore them or liquidate them. Guess which one would be more entertaining?