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NSFW Links: Sep 19, 2010

September 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Two very yummy assorted galleries of a hot, oily babe.

Evi from Hegre-Art: Black Bubble

Evi from Hegre-Art: Oil and Glass


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Why are Men Afraid of the ‘Misogynist’ Label?

September 19, 2010 16 comments

Here is a question-

Why are so many men afraid of the ‘misogynist’ label?

What do you have left to lose? What will you gain by avoiding that label?

You have nothing left to lose by embracing that label, and nothing to gain by avoiding it. That label is inconsequential and meaningless, so treat it appropriately.


A Question for the “High IQ” Morons

September 19, 2010 11 comments

Delusional white, and increasingly asian, morons spend a lot of time obsessing over IQ and heredity. While it is odd that they do not spend anywhere that much time, or effort, on innovating (something they are supposedly good at)- they miss a very real problem.

Why should a “low IQ” person care about the claims of “high IQ” morons?

Get it? Why should a “low IQ” person care about your claims for ‘nobility’? What is in it for that person?

Nobody is going to do shit for you unless they believe that it profitable for them. While you can fool or force people for some time, it cannot last and will almost always guarantee a spectacular implosion or millenia-long dysfunctional stagnation. Technology has sped up the process of exposing lies and decreasing disparities in force between two sides.

So? Why should anybody care for your claims about “high IQ”? It is not as if you are more honest than them- a delusion that whites suffer from. Do you have anything to show for your “high IQ” other than a scrap of paper and your word? Why should anyone believe your word or the ‘nobility’ of your intentions?

For all the talk about innovation and IQ, what have YOU done to deserve respect or admiration? What have YOU done? Answer the fucking question!

My guess is- You have done NOTHING to deserve even basic human decency, let alone admiration or respect.

At best, a “high IQ” moron is a sociopathic parasite that is incapable of anything other than behaving like a parasite. The appropriate way to treat parasites is to kill their eggs, larval forms and adults down to the last individual. Humans certainly have no issues with killing pathogenic bacteria, fungi, viruses, worms, flukes or cancer cells.

Claims of “high IQ” are a marker of parasitic sociopathy, and individuals who profess such beliefs are parasitic sociopaths- nothing more, nothing less.

I will not explicitly say what should be done with those who make such claims, demands or exploit others based on such claims. Let me give you a hint- Do we care about the pain and suffering of parasitic worms, flukes and cancerous cells as they are being killed? So why should we display any more concern about the ‘proper’ way to get rid of such parasites and their progeny?

It is not as if the sudden disappearance of “high IQ” morons will have negative consequences for the rest of humans, the progress of civilization or even innovation. Such an event might actually result in increased innovation and a general improvement in the quality of life for the rest.