A Question for the “High IQ” Morons

Delusional white, and increasingly asian, morons spend a lot of time obsessing over IQ and heredity. While it is odd that they do not spend anywhere that much time, or effort, on innovating (something they are supposedly good at)- they miss a very real problem.

Why should a “low IQ” person care about the claims of “high IQ” morons?

Get it? Why should a “low IQ” person care about your claims for ‘nobility’? What is in it for that person?

Nobody is going to do shit for you unless they believe that it profitable for them. While you can fool or force people for some time, it cannot last and will almost always guarantee a spectacular implosion or millenia-long dysfunctional stagnation. Technology has sped up the process of exposing lies and decreasing disparities in force between two sides.

So? Why should anybody care for your claims about “high IQ”? It is not as if you are more honest than them- a delusion that whites suffer from. Do you have anything to show for your “high IQ” other than a scrap of paper and your word? Why should anyone believe your word or the ‘nobility’ of your intentions?

For all the talk about innovation and IQ, what have YOU done to deserve respect or admiration? What have YOU done? Answer the fucking question!

My guess is- You have done NOTHING to deserve even basic human decency, let alone admiration or respect.

At best, a “high IQ” moron is a sociopathic parasite that is incapable of anything other than behaving like a parasite. The appropriate way to treat parasites is to kill their eggs, larval forms and adults down to the last individual. Humans certainly have no issues with killing pathogenic bacteria, fungi, viruses, worms, flukes or cancer cells.

Claims of “high IQ” are a marker of parasitic sociopathy, and individuals who profess such beliefs are parasitic sociopaths- nothing more, nothing less.

I will not explicitly say what should be done with those who make such claims, demands or exploit others based on such claims. Let me give you a hint- Do we care about the pain and suffering of parasitic worms, flukes and cancerous cells as they are being killed? So why should we display any more concern about the ‘proper’ way to get rid of such parasites and their progeny?

It is not as if the sudden disappearance of “high IQ” morons will have negative consequences for the rest of humans, the progress of civilization or even innovation. Such an event might actually result in increased innovation and a general improvement in the quality of life for the rest.


  1. Mike
    September 19, 2010 at 3:31 pm

    You are high IQ, and you are personally elevating the discussion of the philosophy of freedom.

    There is a difference between demonstrable ability to do useful or innovative stuff, and making claims to resources based on the results of a rigged test.

    The general view is that high IQ people raise the waves, and all boats rise on the high tide.

    Is that still true today? Sure. Take away Wall Street and other management/business shysters.

    Stupid people are living longer and remaining more youthful than every before. This is due to the work of high IQ people in science and medicine.

    The sentiment of your post is valid, however. Half Sigma, e.g., is high IQ but is basically a loser who whines about how life is unfair. Personally, he adds no value. The same could be said of most of his readers. If you must turn to high IQ of a population rather than PERSONAL achievement, then you’re a loser.

    That said, low IQ people do indirectly benefit from the work of high IQ people.

  2. Gorilla
    September 20, 2010 at 9:58 am

    It’s easy for high IQ people to feel alienated and owed something by society. They thought they were promised something by a perfect meritocracy they thought existed, and it’s very hard to deal with being let down in the real world or your degrees being worthless. Most high IQ obsessed types are those whose only achievement in life has been a high IQ/SAT/LSAT/etc score.

    In the HalfSigma (e.g.) world view the high IQ are even oppressed because the government is stealing from them to support the low IQ. The holy grail is to prove “White IQ is higher than black IQ” by science, although they all believe it’s proven enough already. If such statement is true, it is assumed that people will care and that such a measure is even meaningful. And then it’s hoped that such a statement will open the door to eugenics, a racial state, and even the ethnic cleansing of low IQ races.

  3. DoesNotMatter
    September 23, 2010 at 3:20 pm

    You are one angry MoFo. You love indulging in emotions such as hatred, anger, contempt and the such like. Is it good for your health?

    It sure beats holding it inside and putting on an appearance. In any case, the dark side is far more powerful than the light side.

    • DoesNotMatter
      September 24, 2010 at 1:24 pm

      I agree it beats holding it inside, Mate. But it does not beat overcoming it. The dark side is powerful over short periods of time. Over long periods, you will lose your health, your strength, your vigor and your potency. Count on it.

      I find that it has the opposite effect on me.

      Anger has been given to us by nature in order to overcome fear when fight rather than flight is the need of the hour. when someone comes and threatens our loved ones and if one’s flight assures us of the demise of our loved ones, then anger is a potent tool to overcome fear and fight the aggressor. If one is not fighting, not taking action, then anger is worse than useless, it’s counterproductive, ruinous to your health and psyche and over a long term will make you weak.

      Not so sure about that, I find that anger and hate improve my mood.

      Hatred has been given to us by nature in order to counter adversaries who are far more powerful than us. Where anger is a response in the here and now against an adversary who is roughly of equal strength, hatred permits us to plan and plot the downfall of a powerful (much more than us) adversary over a certain period of time. However if one is indulging in hate, yet not taking any concrete actions against the object of one’s hate, then once again that hatred is worse than useless.

      Not necessarily.

      Brother! I’m Indian. Sure the white man is not perfect. As an example While sarging, i have been kicked out of numerous establishments such as malls, shopping malls etc. Been pulled up by cops couple times for disturbing the peace. Just for sarging. All this while there were other of my wings who were white and who were far more aggressive and suggestive in their flirting and yet were never ever pulled up. Hell, there were a couple guys on the footpath who were actually catcalling the girls while the cops just smiled at the folly of youth. Yet! I have never been angry at the white man. Why? Because my own people in my own country would put in me in jail for doing that back home. Have you ever dealt with a cop in India? It will make dealing with a racist redneck cop in the US seem like sharing a pint with an old long lost friend. An average Indian cop’s version of Justice makes the most bigoted American cop seem like King Solomon. As for sarging in India, forget it! You’ll definitely get a jail record in return for your front teeth.

      Finally how does the anger really help me? Will it help me make the cops more fair? will it make me more attarctive to women? Will it increase my paycheck? Will it make me happier? If you tell me one way where anger and hatred will help me sleep with more women, I will be the angriest, most hateful MoFo in the whole wide world. I’ll make you look like the smiling Buddha. So Friend, don’t hate the white man! For all his faults he has done wonderful things. Did he not invent vaccines that saved the lives of so many infants in our own land. No one is asking you to pay obeisance to him. Just stop hating him. In my visit to the Us, I have founf most Americans to be exceptionally wamr people without exception. It pains me to hear you speak so of them. Perhaps the Brits deserve more of your scorn. go after Brits all you want. As for Americans mate, they are good people. Your anger does you no credit and hurts your health.

      Anger and hatred drive me..

  4. DoesNotMatter
    September 25, 2010 at 6:08 pm

    interesting! very interesting. I guess there are all kinds. Very interesting that anger and hatred drive you. Well! there is a whole lot of life left to live. Let’s see what happens. Interesting fella you are, that’s for sure.

  5. RogerSun
    September 26, 2010 at 8:16 am

    High IQs achieving in the world will not bring up IQ. It speaks for itself.

    High IQs not achieving in the world will go with Plan B: rent seeking with their high IQ.

    Remember kids, if you meet a professed Buddha in your travels, kill him! He is not Buddha, for he would never make himself known like that. By the same token, a high IQ who demands tribute by virtue of his high IQ needs to be discouraged.

    Is it not peculiar that those who innovate and achieve are often the least supportive of IQ based crap.

  6. MikkoAP
    September 27, 2010 at 10:10 am

    High IQ in itself means nothing.

    Some tasks DO require a high IQ, but unless a high IQ person performs those tasks he/she doen’t get to share any of the credit simply on the basis of sharing an IQ level with the people, who actually DO those tasks.

    Being talented isn’t worthy of applause. Unless you actually use that talent to achieve some great goal, you deserve no more credit than a person with a lower IQ, who also hasn’t achieved anything extraordinary.

  7. MikkoAP
    September 27, 2010 at 10:20 am

    Natural talent, including IQ, is important, but only insofar as it results in improved performance.

    Performance, consistent performance, is what matters.

    And natural talent can sometimes be detrimental to character. A wildly talented person may rely on his/her talent and be less concerned about showing up to work on time every day consistently day after day, week after week, year after year, than a person with mediocre talent, who has a strong character.

    In most jobs a person with mediocre talent, who consistently shows up to work and takes his/her responsibilities seriously is of greater long term value to employers ,than a wildly talented person, who only relies on his/her talent and is less committed.

  8. RogerSun
    September 28, 2010 at 6:49 pm

    A wildly talented person is likely to ignore the 40 hr workweek, but also stay late during crunch time. They are measured not by the average flow of their efforts but in the Achievement spikes, after all.

  9. Robert Darryl Hídalgo
    April 17, 2016 at 9:37 pm

    The Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is an over-rated inventory of trivia designed to ping those of a certain educational formation.

    I used to work in the Information Technology department for the Board of Education in the School City of Hammond, Indiana. I used to print up the results from IQ tests administered by the Board of Education.

    The IQ ping is designed to capture an “intelligence” pong from the adolescents who were taught specific quantitative information. The students’ intelligence is a show of regurgitated information which teachers expose students to during the course of the given semester with one peculiar attribute: abstract reasoning. Only certain sets of students are taught this information and exposed to this reasoning ability. The test is rigged.

    Some proctors are so hell-bent for students to have high IQ’s that those proctors fudge the scores by filling in the correct answers. Such proctors have been exposed, but they were successful at securing high IQ ratings for the certain students.

    One group of certain students was from George Rogers Clark High School in Hammond, Indiana. The majority of the students were predominantly Caucasian with an ethnic makeup of Slovak, English, Irish, Hungarian, Scottish, Polish, German, Norwegian, and Greek. They all tested above-average for their IQ tests. They also had one more thing in common: the majority were all pot heads. Surely marijuana consumption could not have raised their IQ’s. How do I know? I was a junior and going to a neighboring school minoring in Computer Programming and participating in a Computer Programming internship at the Board of Education sponsored by the school I attended called Hammond Technical Vocational High School. I used to smoke pot socially with Clark students, but they were stone-cold pot heads. I knew they were high all the time. I also knew their IQ’s could not be as above-average as the testing showed.

    No sweat. I got the biggest kick out of knowing these scores. I was not allowed to disclose those results due to the nature of the work. Surely, another corrupt proctor was busy fudging the scores to create the illusion the the predominantly Caucasian student body tested were high-caliber students.

    What I learned from printing out the IQ scores was that there are bad proctors who want to give students an entitlement because of their race and ethnicity.

    I also learned that teachers know what to actively teach so that students can regurgitate that information at testing. Plus, only certain students are exposed to such “educative” formation. Once tested, “intelligence” is established.

    I also learned that if those same students were tested with a different IQ paradigm, they all would fail that testing. For example, the same students at GRCHS would fail the IQ test if they were tested on the (insert the ethnocentric racial experience here). Although abstract reasoning should be able to bridge the understanding of the quantities and of the qualities measured, students often get stumped at the change of cultural primacy.

    Abstract reasoning expressed in the terms of the predominant culture’s verbiage is the key to doing well on the IQ test.

    If the students apprehend the lingo exposed to them, their acculturation will enable them to pass that IQ test.

    That is pretty shady. I would not call that intelligence at all. I would call that technitive regurgitation.

    Quick! What is Luther Vandross’ first song?
    How are these random shapes alike? Here are a series of algebraic equations; what is the answer? If you were not taught the answers to inane questions like these, your IQ score may be low. Some students are not taught the answers.

    The results for GRCHS still make me laugh. Considering the advances in cannibus industries, maybe those GRCHS students really were on to something there: the benefits of marijuana usage.

    IQ testing is a form of dedicated-mindset eugenics and is about as useful as Algebra, but not as fun as Algebra.

  1. September 26, 2010 at 3:01 am

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