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Curing Your Nostalgia: 1

September 21, 2010 12 comments

Many white americans have a nostalgia for the “good old” days. So let us have a look at photographs that are less than 100 years old.

Why do I have the strange feeling that white nostalgia has some connection with the pictures in this post?

You might say- but others did worse (The Holocaust, Armenian Genocide etc). Sure, others did- but they never promoted themselves as just or fair people. The nazis, turks, NKVD never said anything about due process, fair trials etc.

And just out of curiosity- what ‘crime’ were these black men lynched for? A white woman accusing them of rape after she regretted or was ashamed of having consensual sex- or sometimes even if sex or assault had not occurred.

Another question- Since when is torturing, mutilating and killing a poor lonely man an act of bravery? Look at the expressions on the faces of the whites surrounding the victims- they certainly look very satisfied and proud of their actions.

If you did that to a dog, you would be rightly labelled as a coward and sociopath.

On June 14, 1920, the James Robinson Circus arrived in Duluth for a performance. Two local teenagers, Irene Tusken, age 19, and James Sullivan, 18, met at the circus and ended up behind the big top, watching the black workers dismantle the menagerie tent, load wagons and generally get the circus ready to move on. What actual events that transpired between Tusken, Sullivan and the workers are unknown; however, later that night Sullivan claimed that he and Tusken were assaulted, and Tusken was raped by five or six black circus workers.The authenticity of Sullivan’s rape claim is subject to skepticism. When Tusken was examined by her physician, Dr. David Graham, on the morning of June 15, he found no physical evidence of rape or assault.

The violence associated with the lynching of Will Brown was triggered by reports in local media that sensationalized the alleged rape of 19-year-old Agnes Loebeck on September 25, 1919. The following day the police arrested 40-year-old Will Brown as a suspect. Loebeck identified Brown as her rapist, although later reports by the Omaha Police Department and the United States Army stated that she had not made a positive identification.

Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith were two African-American men who were lynched on August 7, 1930 in Marion, Indiana. They had been arrested the night before, charged with robbing and murdering a white factory worker and raping his girlfriend.

On July 19, 1935, a 37-year old African-American tenant farmer named Rubin Stacy was lynched in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. According to initial reports of Stacy’s murder, a mob of masked, white men took Stacy from the custody of six sheriff’s deputies who were transporting him to the Dade County jail in Miami. The mob hanged Stacy from a tree near the home of Marion Jones, the 30-year-old white woman who had accused him of assaulting her with a knife.