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CONservatism is Anti-Men: 1

September 30, 2010 7 comments

In many previous posts, I have pointed out that CONservatism is far more anti-men than many others -isms. Some of you might counter- “but this is not real conservatism”. My answer is-

Ideologies should be judged by their real-world implementation, in multiple instances, rather than how they sound in theory.

Consider the following.

1] Who is interested in making most men fight wars which are not meant to benefit them? Is it not CONservatives, of varying religious and ideological stripes, that want most of YOU to sacrifice YOUR life for their greed? Fuck patriotism- what has your country, group, tribe done for you?

2] CONservatives talk a lot about how they support men’s rights, until their daughter, niece, grand-daughter etc on the line. When the situation involves their own female progeny, they suddenly switch sides? You want to place your faith in such backstabbers?

3] CONservatives talk a lot about how fiat money is “bad”. Ask yourself, who benefits from a gold based currency, and why? The reality is that only those in power and those who can steal, cheat and rob benefit from a gold based currency? Do you really think that a gold-based currency will benefit you?

4] CONservatives talk a lot about “law and order”, but who does it benefit? Not YOU! Law and order is a scam to screw you, enslave you, pauperize you and control you. In real life, you are far more likely to be legally robbed of all your possessions by a CONservative white guy, not some black guy.

5] What kind of life do CONservatives want you to “live”? Is it one of relative happiness, peace , prosperity and stability? Nope! They want you to live hand-to-mouth, work yourself to an early death, be swindled by laws and rules, “accept you place” and thank them for shitting on you. Oh.. and i forgot about the part about telling you how to behave in your own house. Why does the CONservative plan seem a lot like voluntary slavery.

Most white and asian men are “special” in that they can be talked into voluntary slavery, unlike black men.

6] Belief in elites, authority, hierarchy is an intrinsically CONservative concept. You cannot run pyramid and ponzi schemes without them. And who exactly do these CONservative elites despise? They despise and sneer at the very men who stupidly work for them and make their luxurious lives possible. Suckers!

7] CONservatives talk a lot about merit, IQ, intrinsic superiority etc. What do they have to show for it- other than the spoils of theft, cons, scam and murders? If they were truly superior and more competent, they would not have to say so.

You don’t have to be convinced that the sun exists at midday, but it requires a lot of lies and delusions to ‘see’ one at midnight.

8] So was the life of most men pleasant when CONservatives ran the show? All I will say is- “read some history”.


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