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Exposing CONservatism: “Whites Do Not Depend on Welfare”

October 3, 2010 6 comments

One of favorite auto-fellatory memes of CONservatism is:

“Most whites do not depend on government welfare, unlike those non-whites”

Some even go so far as to claim that non-whites would die if ‘welfare was canceled’. But is this meme true? Superficially, non-whites are indeed more likely to be on OVERT welfare. But such overt welfare makes a very small percentage of the true extent of government welfare.

Let me explain..

Do you work for any government department- federal, state, local, authority, agency, non-profit or government-funded employer (university, colleges, schools)? Is your job truly essential? Unless your job is truly essential- you are on welfare.

Do you have a small business or contract business that depends on government spending or the income of the above mentioned groups? Are you then not dependent on welfare?

Do you run or are employed by a medium or large business? Is the business dependent on government contracts, rules, regulation, favorable treatment, tax cuts, giveaways by local governments or otherwise preferential treatment? Sounds like welfare, doesn’t it?

Are you a member of any professional organization that operates like a cartel, with the assistance of the government to restrict competition? By this definition professions as diverse as doctors, realtors and longshoremen who depend on anti-competitive legislation are on welfare.

So, how many of you are not on welfare? Just because it is not called welfare does not make it so.


Exposing CONservatism: “Civilizations Decay Because They Get Soft”

October 3, 2010 7 comments

One of the popular CONservative memes goes something like this:

“Civilizations decay because they get soft, affluent and liberal”

The most common examples trotted out to support this meme are the western roman empire and the now deceased british empire.

    and yes Civilization = Empire and vice versa.

    But is this meme true? Superficially it might appear correct, but once you look at the raw data- it is anything but correct. No medium to large size empire/civilization ever decayed or went extinct because it became soft or liberal. Indeed, the converse is true as empires often become more vicious and barbaric when they start to die out.

    The reason why empires/civilizations collapse comes down to one meta-reason:

    The bullying, lying, scams and viciousness can no longer make enough people comply.

    Whether it due to over-extension, technological limitations, rise of competing powers, natural events, maladministration or some combination thereof EVERY empire will reach a point where its core constituency starts shrinking. Once that occurs, the jig is up for that system.

    The reason empires/civilizations cannot right themselves after major setbacks is also quite straightforward. Systems that depend on bullying, fraud, coercion, scams and violence to enforce their will cannot respond, or even conceive a response, that does not involve more of the above. It is this mental limitation of empires, and their “elite”, that make sure that they lose the trust of almost every person as they try to crawl out of the hole using more of the same attitudes and methods that got them into it in the first place.

    The US, in its current form, resembles every empire that has ever existed in that it too fosters and depends on a culture of bullying, lying, fraud and violence to exist. Prior to the 1980s, people in ‘other’ countries were the main recipients of the above. That, however, changed with the “Reagan Revolution” which started the process of treating their core constituency like they treated those ‘others’. The results are all around you, and more will happen until the system reaches a point where it will implode onto itself.

    Whether enough will be left to build a new and different system is anybodys guess.