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A Thought about Karen Owen: Oct 12, 2010

October 12, 2010 6 comments

I have given some thought on posting anything about Karen Owen aka ‘Duke Jock Slut’. After reading a few posts by others on this topic, let me say something that most commentators seem to have overlooked-

What she did is, unofficially considered, both normal and average today.

Yes, that is right- what she did, her choice in guys, number of guys etc are so average that they are NOT noteworthy. It was her act of writing about them in some detail that set her apart from every other girls like her (and there are millions just like her or worse). Now think about the implications about what I said.. Forget all the evo-psych vodoo, HBD, racism etc for a moment.

Think about it- if this is both normal and average, how should YOU respond/adapt?

Because, lets face it- behavior like hers is too widespread for you to do avoid/change, nor can you realistically find a ‘nice girl’ to marry. So what are your options/choices?