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The Past Cannot Be Used To Model The Future: 1

October 16, 2010 6 comments

Many people believe that past experiences, events and trends can be used to model the future. So how did the world look like 100 years ago, in 1910?

1] What percentage of the population, even in western countries, had access to electricity at home? Did they even have standard plugs for appliances?

2] What percentage, even in the west, had access to chlorinated drinking water or integrated waste disposal (not septic tanks)?

3] How many effective drugs (to treat diseases) existed? How many vaccines?

4] How many had access to telephones? Let alone radio, TV, camcorders, Bulletin Boards, Internet, Google?

5] What percentage had traveled over 100 km from their place of birth?

6] How many had flown in planes, let alone commercial jetliners?

7] How many had pensions, unemployment insurance, food stamps?

8] How many had cars? What percentage of transportation depended on oil?

9] How many lived in suburbs?

10] What percentage of the agricultural production was dependent on synthetic nitrogen fixation, pesticides and other agrichemicals?

11] How many had refrigerators at home? How many had air-conditioning or central heating?

12] Effective and unobtrusive birth control??

I could go on..

The point is:

The world that people lived in, even, 100 year ago was quite different from ours. It had an entirely different range of possibilities and abilities, most of which we don’t envy.

I will write more in a future post of this series, about other major differences between that era and ours. And guess what there are people alive today, who were born 100 years ago.. Gives you some perspective about how quickly the world can change, doesn’t it?


Funny Ad: Isn’t She Screwed?

October 16, 2010 4 comments

In case, you have not seen this one before. I saw it some time ago, but thought that most of you might have already seen this one.