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Your Daughter is a Worthless, Greedy and Duplicticious Cunt: 1

October 17, 2010 20 comments

Most men do not like to hear this, but their daughters are the same worthless, greedy and duplicitous cunts they hated when younger.

Did you get it? Let me repeat-

Remember all those cunts you detested when growing up? All those cunts who chased “bad boys”, tried to extract money out of you, cheated on you etc. Guess what- they were daughters of guys who took the same crap when they were younger.

Every pre-menopausal woman is potentially a worthless, greedy and duplicitous cunt- and given the choice all of them become that. Every ‘princess’ requires a moronic father to nurture that complex. Mothers, by themselves, can never provide the degree of validation necessary for the full-blown “princess” complex.

Remember that every time you deal with a full-blown “princess” cunt aka an average western woman.


Imagine the Possibilities: Oct 17, 2010

October 17, 2010 3 comments

I was going to put up this video a few weeks earlier, but got lazy. The clip demonstrates some of the “voice actions” possible with android (2.2 or above) based phones. Imagine the full impact of this ability on its own (as shown) and as an input/control for apps other than those seen in the clip.


NSFW Links: Oct 17, 2010

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