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Businesses Do Not Create Jobs: 1

October 20, 2010 17 comments

One popular CONservative meme is-

Businesses create jobs.

While this meme might appear rational, in reality, it is not. Let me explain why-

Businesses exist to satisfy needs, demands and a public appetite for its products or services. Businesses employ people to do work for them.

But who does most of the demand for any business come from? From its employees or from non-employees? How do it customers pay for its products or services?

The simplistic answer to that question is people employed by other business, government etc or those who have their own business. However this simplistic answer hides a far larger issue, namely- how many private business are feasible or conceivable without government aid, assistance or preferential treatment?

Would the modern electronic, computer and telecom industries have been possible without government investment during the cold war? Would most antibiotics have been discovered without government-funded programs in the 1940-50s? Would the US have universal electrification, good roads, proper sewage treatment, clean drinking water and all the other stuff we take for granted without very significant governmental spending, aid or preferential treatment?

Businesses do not want to pay employees more, yet they themselves cannot exist without demand from consumers (who are magically well paid). So how does an entity that tries to cut cost, lay people off and rob itself survive-let alone grow? Because, if all employers did that there would be no commerce or even civil society.

Isn’t the answer obvious? It is the society that a businesses exists in that subsidizes its existence, growth, infrastructure and innovation. Therefore, it the society which a businesses exists in that creates the demand.

So who creates jobs? Get it?


Who Says ‘Glee’ is Not Sexy: Oct 20, 2010

October 20, 2010 1 comment

A few pictures from a recent GQ photoshoot of the cast of “Glee“.

Here are my favorite pics of Lea Michele.


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Why Some Men Support Feminism: 1

October 20, 2010 4 comments

As you might know from personal experience, some men support feminism. While there are many complex explanations as to why men would act against their own interests- it comes down to a simple and easily rectifiable reason.

They think that it will help them get laid, directly or indirectly.

While that was partially true in the 60s, 70s and even 80s- it is no longer the case. The simplest and most effective method to destroy male support for feminism is to expose the fact that support for feminism will not help them get laid, directly or indirectly.

There I said it! All this talk about co-operation, organisations, laws etc is worthless because they all require some structure/system to work in. However exposing the fact that support for feminism does not help you get laid, requires neither an infrastructure nor a system to have a much larger effect.

It is, after all, just an idea which can be easily tested and verified by anyone who hears about it.

Moreover, it cuts to the very heart of the matter. What use are women if you cannot get laid? Are they still worth the BS, effort or empathy?

Once you change the meme from-

“Support for Feminism = Increase in Chance of getting Laid (as per theory)”


“Support for Feminism = Decrease in Chance of getting Laid (as per observations)”

the gig is effectively up.


Letting The Material Make My Point: Oct 20, 2010

October 20, 2010 4 comments

Here is a clip about the events on an MTV show called “Teen Mom”. Note the tone and direction of the discussion, as her behavior towards the guy is normalized. The prevailing social attitude seems to be “it is all about the baby”

I say- fuck this shit. It is not worth it!