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Why Some Men Support Feminism: 2

October 22, 2010 9 comments

In the previous part of this series, I had mentioned that most men support feminism, directly or indirectly, because they think it will help them get laid.

Tell me something-

Is this the behavior of a rational, proud human being or a retarded slave?

Many commentators on roissy mock the ideas of “david alexander”, but ask yourself one question-

Who is the bigger loser? A white guy who slaves for the approval of average women to possibly get infrequent, mediocre, duty-type sex or a black guy who masturbates a lot but does not need the approval of average women?

Is the outcome for a guy like “david alexander” really any worse than a fatalistic white slave (aka your average white guy)? Who is the ‘free man’ and who is the ‘slave’? While I prefer to buy sex with hot chicks, it is hard to ignore that even “david alexander”s way is better than living like an average white guy.

Seduction.. my ass? Is the effort worth it, especially when you buy much better for 200-300$/hr or less? Heck, even whacking off is better than fucking an average, mediocre, opinionated, demanding, lying, thieving, dishonest and unfaithful cunt.


People Oppose Taxes Because They Do Not Benefit From Them: 1

October 22, 2010 3 comments

Many “intellectuals” like to argue that people do want to pay taxes because of moral or behavioral reasons. Nothing could be further from the truth.

People hate paying taxes because they do not benefit from them, directly or indirectly.

IF people received benefits that had some relation to the amount of taxes they paid, the most important reason for tax evasion would cease to exist.

So who benefits from taxes paid by the average person? Two groups, the very rich and contractors to governments, are the principal beneficiary of taxes paid by YOU. They benefit through rigged overpriced contracts, sweetheart deals, accounting fraud, bailouts, tax holidays, tax rules and tax-payer funded infrastructure/facilities- all paid for by YOU.

I cannot resist the irony of pointing out that the biggest beneficiaries of government paid, tax-payer funded largess are the most ardent supporters of “free market capitalism” and related bullshit. Of course, this support is not so naive when you realize that all of their”rules” of capitalism are for stupid SUCKERS like you. They don’t follow what they preach, which is not surprising when you start to realize that capitalism is a secular religion just like communism or libertarianism.

Taxes and accounting rules, since the late 1970s-early 80s are just a way of transferring money from average people to the very rich and connected. The period from 1935-1975, in which taxes were mainly used to transfer money from the undeserving rich to average people was “paradoxically” the best time for average people in the US, marked by great prosperity, innovation and a decent social contract.

But why believe what can be objectively measured, when the “rugged capitalistic innovator” myth sounds so much better?


Why People Will Often Stand Behind Mass-Murdering Leaders: 1

October 22, 2010 2 comments

Ever wonder why people were willing to follow people like hitler, stalin, mao, pol-pot, franco or mussolini?

Some of you might believe that their followers were stupid. I believe otherwise..

Every single “strong leader” came into power by being populist. In every single case, the governments that had preceded them were ineffective, supremely corrupt or nonexistent. These leaders merely fulfilled the people’s need for a government that was not worse than useless.

Throughout human history, such leaders come into power only after the government that precedes them is no longer trusted by the majority of people. How did Caesar come to power? How did Napoleon? What about Ivan “the formidable”? FDR? Genghis Khan?