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People are Stupid: Exhibit 1

October 30, 2010 8 comments

OK, here is a question.

Why are parents more concerned about their children using “bad language” or watching porn than about providing them a stable, safe and relatively affluent environment to grow up in?

Let us analyze the outcomes:

If kids use “bad language” or watch porn, what is the worst thing that can happen to them?

Answer- Nothing significant, as long as they are in a stable, secure and relatively affluent environment. Guess what, they can figure out what is appropriate and generally acceptable very quickly on their own.

Now, what happens to kids who have a “moral upbringing” but an insecure, unstable and deprived environment?

Answer- They become jaded hypocritical individuals incapable of thinking beyond the obvious, just like their parents.

It does not take a genius to figure this out, does it? So why are parents in many cultures so concerned about their kids “moral upbringing”, while ignoring opportunities and possibilities for improving their kids lives through real and tangible steps.


My hypothesis is that most parents see their kids as trophies for increasing their status amongst their peers. They are, by and large, not interested in their kids well-being. The emphasis is therefore on appearances and make-believe rather than reality.


HBDers are Idiots: Reason 2

October 30, 2010 20 comments

Ever wonder what standardized “tests” really test for?

1] Do they test for Intelligence? Real ability? Competence?


2] The ability to regurgitate information, perform standard tricks and “dance” on command?

Since ALL standardized tests effectively test for 2], should we not rank computers/ networked databases and other computerized information handling/ analysis systems higher than “high IQ” humans? Machines have much higher “on” times than humans and are far less likely to make a mistake. They are also not hampered by emotion, bias and other human shortcomings.

Maybe we should just let ourselves be ruled by machines. I think they made a movie series and franchise around that idea.


More NSFW Links: Oct 30, 2010

October 30, 2010 Leave a comment

These links are certainly NSFW.

Latex and Vinyl Cuties from ModelMayhem: Oct 30, 2010

Self Shots: Oct 30, 2010

Enjoy… I know you will.

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