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A Major Source of My Anger: 1

November 15, 2010 14 comments

My anger, cynicism and hatred of people has many roots (sources) – some bigger than others. So let me talk about one of the larger sources for my misanthropism.

Not having enough things, services and conveniences.

Yes, you heard that right. Though I have a better than median income and prospects, plus none of the usual women related crap in my life (escorts rule!), I still feel that there are many things, services etc which I should have- but do not.

Note that much of what I want can be bought with more money (and we are not talking millions). Some of you might say- get another job or make some more money. However we are ignoring a few issues here..

Given the obviousness of some ways to make more money, I might have already tried and exhausted them. Also cannot see myself doing certain things which might pay me better but which I would hate (and are very unstable). Plus, I am not stupid enough to try certain things which carry a high risk of failure or chances of getting ripped off.

You might say that – “It is all your fault”. My answer is – “I hope you or someone who looks like you never needs me to be humane”.

The truly bizzare part of this standoff is that my making more money doing something I like, would benefit everybody else. I would most likely spend more on stuff and services, create more useless jobs, pay more taxes and most importantly not see you as an adversary.

But clever morons, in their infinite stupidity, would rather pay someone like me less money than others. The criteria for paying well are based on how useless or harmful your professions is AND what color you are.

Let us see how this plays out. I have a feeling that it won’t work out as predicted by experts.


The Problem with Stoicism

November 15, 2010 3 comments

Many CONservatives like to talk about how men have become wimpier and non-stoic. I personally see no use in stoicism, as it celebrates your willingness to ignore other pissing and crapping on you.

Stoicism is basically a willingness to let some others piss and crap on you.

While CONservatives love to see men fight each other over lesser things, they like to propagate the myth of stoicism as a virtue so that higher-ups AND women can exploit you.

The scam can work in societies with high growth rates and lower levels on complexity where replacing one man is trivial. But it starts to fail in societies that have lower growth rates, higher complexity and better information connectivity. Guess where we are now..


Guest Post by Nestorius: Nov 15, 2010

November 15, 2010 6 comments

Knowledge, Understanding, and the Pseudo-Sciences

The reason why in many languages there are two words that stand for ‘knowledge’ and ‘understanding’ is that there are levels of knowledge. Knowledge is superficial knowledge. Understanding is deep knowledge.

These are example:

Take this simple sentence “the earth rotates around the sun”. We have three main things ‘sun’, ‘earth’ and ‘rotation’. If you don’t know the meaning of these three things, then you don’t know. This directly means that you don’t understand. If you know the meaning of some, your knowledge is partial, hence your understanding is partial. If you know the meaning of all, your knowledge is complete but your understanding is not necessarily complete. Your understanding will be complete when you are able to see in your mind the whole action described in the sentence. You have to know the necessary properties of ‘sun’, ‘earth’ and ‘rotation’. Knowing details about the sun and earth are not necessary for the complete understanding of this sentence, in fact, attaching more details might hinder understanding.

Take this more complicated sentence “the Latins defeated the Samnites”. The same process applies here. If you know that ‘Latins’ and ‘Samnites’ are people and if you know what ‘defeat’ is, then your knowledge is complete but your understanding is incomplete. Understanding this sentence is complete when the necessary properties of ‘Latins’ and ‘Samnites’ are known.

So how does that relate to pseudo-sciences?

Pseudo-sciences are things like political sciences, economics, archaeology, history, women studies (i.e. feminism), business, sociology, anthropology, psychology, classics, literature, cultural studies etc. In other words, these are known as the Arts and Sciences.

The bulk of those who work in and teach pseudo-sciences is made of people who know but don’t understand. And by ‘don’t understand’ I mean ‘partially understand’, be it 20% understanding or 60% understanding.

Now this is not the problem. The problem is that they try to pass their partial understanding as complete understanding. So in classics, they might teach you something like “the Latins defeated the Samnites”. They give you the impression that they and you have completely understood this thing. And they are applauded for their “knowledge”. But do they and you really understand?

In reality, this illusion of complete understanding stands in the way of complete or almost complete understanding. It shuts the door for posing new questions and for doing serious research.

Due to different intentional or unintentional personality flaws of those who work in the pseudo-sciences, it has become difficult to advance in the ways of understanding. Worst than that, in every field there always seems to be agreement among these people on things that are incorrect despite the presence of contradictory evidence, as if those people are trying to keep a certain status quo.


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A Good Musical Spoof: Nov 15, 2010

November 15, 2010 Leave a comment

This spoof is more subtle than most. Consider the song that is being used. Why does the major-general character in The Pirates of Penzance have to extol his virtues and ability? Get it?


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