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How to Recognize Disingenuity: 1

November 18, 2010 4 comments

The ability to recognize disingenuity requires a far better mind that most people realize. One commentator posted a link to an article which I had read years ago. I am now going to burn that article and piss on it. Note that it contains many half-truths and therefore sounds true, when it is really a disingenuous piece of shit.

Let us start..

First Clue– From the end of his article

Some folks read this and assume that the author is a bitter or disappointed scientist.

Hmm, why would you say that.

but otherwise I have spent my life as a humble electrical and software engineer, not as a scientist (my PhD is in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science;

“I, as an engineer, am more deserving than those scientists”- aka the ‘ape mind’ at work.

I also teach a software engineering lab course at MIT every three or four semesters (textbook).

He believes that he is now part of the “elites”. Moving on..

How much exactly do universities pay PhDs in science? Let’s consider the University of California at Berkeley. blah.. blah.. For the fall of 2007, the university pays Instructors $45,900 per year. Assistant Professors earn between $53,000 and $69,000 per year.

I won’t argue with that. ALL people should steer away from academic careers (in their current form) after grad school. The best use of grad school is for develop thinking, writing, analytical skills and other abilities which can be used for doing things beyond academia.

The AAUP ranks U.C. Berkeley as the highest paying public university in the United States.

Why would a person want to live in Berkley?

Second Clue-

Summers was deservedly castigated, but not for the right reasons. He claimed to be giving a comprehensive list of reasons why there weren’t more women reaching the top jobs in the sciences. Yet Summers, an economist, left one out: Adjusted for IQ, quantitative skills, and working hours, jobs in science are the lowest paid in the United States.

Summers represents parasitic financialism. If you think that summers is a genius, you are beyond help.

age 18-22: paying high tuition fees at an undergraduate college
blah.. blah..
age 36-43: professor at a good, but not great, university for $65,000 per year
age 44: with (if lucky) young children at home, fired by the university (“denied tenure” is the more polite term for the folks that universities discard), begins searching for a job in a market where employers primarily wish to hire folks in their early 30s

partially true, but with two major caveats.

a] Almost every job that pays less than 250k can eliminated by ‘restructuring’ and ‘rightsizing’. You could be a software engineer at goggle and get the same treatment.

b] Why would any sane person with a PhD in a scientific field not consider careers beyond academia? I mean.. are you that dense?

Consider someone taking the kind of high IQ and drive that would be required to obtain a tenure-track position at U.C. Berkeley and going into medicine. This person would very likely be a top specialist of some sort, earning at least $300,000 per year. Instead of being fired at age 44, our medical specialist would be near the height of her value to her patients and employer. Her experience and reputation would continue to add to her salary and prestige until she was perhaps 60 years old.

And who is going to keep on paying for these “magnificent” doctors? Do you really think that any lobby can beat overwhelming deflation, ratios and technology. Seriously, just because physicians have sorta held back the tide in the 1990s-early 2000s does not mean that they can hold it back forever (demography is a bitch).

Consider taking the same high IQ and work ethic, going into business, and being put on the fast track at a company such as General Electric. Rather than being fired at age 44, this is about the time that she will be handed ever-larger divisions to operate, with ever-larger bonuses and stock options. A top lawyer at age 44 is probably a $500,000 per year partner in a big firm, a judge, or a professor at a law school supplementing her $200,000 per year salary with some private work.

Miss those wonderful 1990s-early 2000s. The world upto 2008 looked good for wannabe upper-middle class types. But then reality struck, and has not stopped striking.

Even a public schoolteacher actually does better than a scientist. blah.. blah.. By age 44, when the scientist is desperately trying to switch careers, the schoolteacher is making more than $90,000 per year for working nine months.. blah.. blah.. Being a public employee and a member of a union, the schoolteacher cannot be fired but may at this point in his or her life begin thinking about a comfortable early retirement and some sort of second career.

And there are infinite amounts of debt-based money to pay for pensions AND also pay ever increasing salaries to current teachers. Isn’t life grand! Where is my skittle shitting pony?

He then talks patronizingly about immigrants and how even they are living the american dream. Are this guys delusions so deep? Never mind.

How did so many smart people make such bad mistakes in planning a career for themselves? Part of the answer may be that young people fail to appreciate the risk that they will become more like old people when they are old.

The stupid cocksucker still lives in the 1960s, when white men like him had lifetime careers. Wake up moron, that show ended about 2 decades ago. The concept of lifetime careers is DEAD.

In the personal domain, young people are very different from old people. If you interview old people and ask “What are the greatest sources of satisfaction and happiness in your life?” almost always the answer “my children” comes back.

This moron really lives in the 1960s..

I can give you a list of the ones who had the best heads on their shoulders and were the most thoughtful about planning out the rest of their lives. Their names are on files in my “medical school recommendations” directory.

Of course, he has no stats on how many made it into that semi-protected career. But why let reality stop a good story. Plus that career option is no longer secure, even if all white doctors in the north america rapture themselves in protest.

Now that I have burned and pissed on his article (maybe more later), let me say a few things that people like him miss.

Most career advice is based on what worked during the golden age of the american upper-middle class (1980s- early 2000s). That show has ended, and we are left with crappy reruns.

The environment that allowed such high paying professional jobs to exist is gone, but people are still trying to keep the simulacrum going.. Morons like him do not get it.. there cannot be a prosperous upper-middle class without a prosperous middle and working class.

Demography is a bitch, as are social changes. Why work 15 hour days to pay for your shrew of a ex-wife and kids of doubtful paternity. HIS generation learnt those lessons the hard way. OUR generation saw things before they reached that stage in life.


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Guest Post by Nestorius: Nov 18, 2010

November 18, 2010 1 comment

Why humanities are a scam?

This post is another in a series revealing the truth about the pseudo-sciences, otherwise known as the humanities or the arts and sciences. The humanities section in universities is a Ponzi scheme because money is poured to ‘scholars’ who will teach you things that often are not conform to reality.

Take history, archaeology or ‘Byzantine’ studies as an example, they teach you about Byzantium, Byzantine Empire and Byzantines. But did you know that those ‘Byzantines’ called themselves Romans? The people of Constantinople/Byzantium were known back then as Byzantines, well that’s logical, New Yorkers are the people of New York, but the ‘Byzantines’ as defined (or undefined) by those ‘scholars’ did not exist in reality. You just have to read the writings of those ‘Byzantines’ in Greek or Latin to know that this is not true. Therefore ‘Byzantine’ studies are a fraud because it teaches you that something existed while in reality it did not exist.

Now if you approach ‘Byzantinists’ or their likes and show them the evidence of their fraud, they will dismiss it and argue that you can’t treat humanities as the exact sciences. In other terms, what they are saying is that they can say whatever they want as long as the status quo is not disrupted, and you also can say whatever you want, i.e. perpetuate the scam, as long as the status quo is not disrupted and as long as you do not endanger their position.

So if you go to the root of the scam, you will find that the basic argument is: “humanities are not like the exact sciences”.

Now why do these morons believe in this statement and keep perpetuating it? This is because they think that:

1] the exact sciences are 100% exact.

This is false. The ‘exact’ sciences are not exact and contain margins of errors. Those morons didn’t bother to know that in every field there are margins of errors, and that errors can be corrected and that margins of errors can be reduced.

2] the exact sciences are about numbers and measures.

Those morons don’t have any idea of set theory and logic. They don’t know that science is about axioms and formulas derived from logic and observation. They think that it’s all about counting and measuring. That’s why, when some of those morons stumbled on statistics, they thought that it was the solution. Open any sociology textbook and you will find it full of statistics, most of which is misleading.

Now suppose a real revolution happens in humanities. Suppose humanities become, like the other sciences, based on logic. What would happen to those morons dominating the field? They will simply lose their current positions. So the fraud is likely to continue.