Letting The World Burn : 1

Making this old post sticky for a day or two.

Most people seem to have a child-like faith in institutions that have repeatedly failed them. You cannot reform something that is meant to be dysfunctional.

1. Schools are not places for learning, thinking or developing a child’s intellect. They are places on indoctrination, mental drudgery and mediocrity permeated by a herd mentality.

2. Doctors are not there to help you. Most of them are in that profession to make a lot of money while pissing on you and acting important.

3. Law enforcement does not exist to protect you from criminals. It exits to protect rich criminals from you.

4. Laws do not exist to protect you from abuse. They exist to make it easier for rich shysters to abuse you.

5. Investment advisers are not interested in helping you make more money. They are interested in gambling with it, such that they skim all the profits and you take all the losses.

6. Marriage is not meant to provide you companionship and sex. It is meant to create the illusion of getting those by working you to an early death.

7. Elections are not meant for regime change. They exist to give you the illusion of change.

8. Keep hating on the black and mexican guy while some other white guy is robbing you blind.

9. You think it is a privilege to consume and thereby create more jobs. What privilege?

10. Higher education is a scam, but wasn’t it always?

You can keep believing in scams, lies and failed institutions. Or you could look out for your own self interests and let the ‘world’ burn. All creations of the mind are only as real as you want them to be.


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11 Responses to Letting The World Burn : 1

  1. Deus says:

    Most of this I’ve been noticing since I was ten years old.

    I really hope the Western World crashes and burns within the next 30 years. I want to be here to watch. Watch all these false positive ignorant yuppies who always tell me I’m “so negative” to shove it hard. I want to see there houses collapse in fires, repossessed by corporations, and there money devalued by thousands of percents a day while I laugh my head off, and grow my food in the back yard of my little mountain retreat.

    • P Ray says:

      I fail to see why there should be sympathy for people who “support the system as it is” … since in that same way they are also supporting those who are at the top pressing down on everyone else.
      Does anyone shed a tear for a minion who messes up and then gets killed?
      The idea of telling you, in public I am sure “you’re so negative” is so that they have a lightning rod to hurl their criticisms on and to make themselves look better by comparison to a person with a short-term “social view”.
      I’d say it’s also one of the signs of “psychopathy”. You’ll find that such people, quick to label in public (loudly), are also accomplished liars and superficially charming.

  2. P Ray says:

    You’ll be surprised how much of indoctrination comes at the point of a threat to fail you if you speak the truth.
    The “you’re so negative” comes from people with skin in maintaining the illusion … so that you contribute to their welfare.
    Of course, I never get a proper response as to why “doing your own thing” is as bad as “actively contributing to social destruction” … so it really looks like a scam to thieve alms from people via “you must do this to fit in, or we’ll tell everyone else you are a creep” … in other words, social relational aggression.

  3. anon4cecanon says:

    On #8, replace white with JEW.

  4. “6. Marriage is not meant to provide you companionship and sex. It is meant to create the illusion of getting those by working you to an early death.”

    I’m guessing the real reason for marriage is so fathers “know” the paternity of their kids…

  5. “10. Higher education is a scam, but wasn’t it always?”

    advipoops has a PhD….

  6. “9. You think it is a privilege to consume and thereby create more jobs. What privilege?”

    Is this why Americans are sooo fat?

  7. Knee says:

    Think you said in a post earlier you studied neurobio and then switched or something.

    What’s your advice to us who are in the school system for American born East Asians/Indians to get the most out of what we can? What paths to take and avoid?

    Where are some nice places to live that are likely to have good escort scenes in the long run?

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