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Another Morbid Thought Experiment: Nov 23, 2010

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Banksters, even junior ones, often get yearly compensations of over a million dollars. The social utility of their occupation is dubious at best. The worst part of their existence is they are ultimately paid with money collected or extorted from average income people.

Here is an idea.

What if you paid ten hitmen 100,000 each to hunt and kill one bankster and his immediate family.

The idea works like this- all ten hitmen get paid even if any one or a few of the ten do the job. The ones who actually did it get a bonus, say 100,000 on top of the 100,000.

Now instead of one bankster creating a few jobs through his consumption, you have ten hitmen creating many more jobs through their consumption. Plus the jobs created by their consumption will be more varied and result in a higher velocity of money through the economy.

Best of all, you have one less person who is using your money to gamble against you. Face it, hitmen rarely bite the hand that feeds them, unlike banskters.


Becoming Yourself: Nov 23, 2010

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People always want to be like someone else. You could try to become a famous actor, businessman, writer, scientist, professional… like someone else. Heck, you might even be successful at it. But what is point in becoming someone else?

Why not become what YOU want to be?

So what do YOU want to become? Do YOU even know?


Another Unpleasant Reality about Marriage

November 23, 2010 1 comment

Many men , even those who “game”, seem to believe that settling down is feasible (if not desirable). I say bullshit! The whole concept of marriage as companionship requires one condition to be feasible.

The inability of a woman to back out of that ‘relationship’.

That is right- it is the inability of a woman to back out and rob you or run away that guarantees stability. But we live in a world where even a 50-60 year old woman believes that she can get way with the crap she pulled off when she was in her 20s- and she is right.

In the current system, not only can she do that but society will enable and cheer her on. The guy is left to his own devices.

Therefore, the whole idea about marrying for companionship is now utter BS. If anything, her demands and tantrums might get worser with age. You can always try your luck.. I know people who have won lotteries, but playing lotteries is not a reliable lifestyle choice.


Why the Concept of Newspapers is Dead

November 23, 2010 3 comments

Over the last few years, we keep on hearing about how the traditional newpaper is dying. Many newspapers are trying to go electronic, to “keep up with the times”.

Have you ever considered that-

It is the concept of a newspaper itself that is dead or dying.

Let me explain. Ask yourself- why did people buy and read newspapers in the first place?

The reasons were-

1] News
2] Opinions
3] Advertisements for Products
4] Entertainment

Today, 2 and 4 can be more easily obtained through blogs (ad-supported or not). 3 is much more easily obtained through ad-supported websites/blogs (gizmodo, engadget) or shopping sites like amazon.

Which leaves reason 1. Most news gathering is usually done through news agencies (reuters associated press, bloomberg etc), and it is trivial for them to charge large websites/blogs for their services or just support themselves through contextual advertisement/marketing revenue.

Even local business can advertise far more effectively with google, bing, yelp etc. Smartphones have only sped up this process.

Try asking for “nearby pubs” with the google search app on the iphone or built-in search function on android phones. Not only will you get a list arranged according to distance from your current location, but you can also get directions, map info, street view, contact info and links to their websites if they have any.

So who requires an inefficient, costly and controlled source of information? Especially when the option is free and better.