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Would You Sell Your Soul?

November 27, 2010 14 comments

I am an atheist, but have often wondered about one question.


Who is more likely to keep their end of the contract- the devil or your employer, spouse or government. And who offers the bigger payout?

Disturbing thought, isn’t it?


A Morbid Thought: Nov 27, 2010

November 27, 2010 3 comments

I have noticed that every time an entity, such as a government or large company, does something unfair there are many morons who will defend such actions.

Ever wondered-

What is in it for them?

These morons almost always derive no benefit, financial or otherwise, from supporting such behavior. Often they suffer at a later date because of the very actions they had once supported. So.. why do it?

It comes down to perceived profit.

If a person believes that an action might benefit him, or destroy his competition, he will support it. He might even invoke morality, law or other similar BS to justify it.

So, how do you solve this problem-

Find all possible ways and means to screw over such people and their kids, with the same logic. Show no mercy whatsoever, because they do not have any capacity to reciprocate.

There is no wrong in screwing them over with the same logic they apply to others. So engineers who support corporate laws deserve to rot and die on the street once they lose their job. Scientists and academics who defend processes of institutional operation, should not be helped if those same processes eventually destroy their jobs or livelihoods. Small business owners who quote Ayn Rand should never be assisted against large corporation monopoly. Those who support government interference in the personal lives of people and tough on crime policies should be sodomized with the same measures they want to apply to others. Old white people who do not support “welfare” for non-whites, might want to find alternatives for their own living and healthcare costs.

You cannot change people, but you can facilitate their final exit. No pity, help or basic human decency for the self-righteous.

How can you receive when you have demonstrated an inability to reciprocate?