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NSFW Links: Dec 1, 2010

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These links are NSFW.

Mirta from HegreArt: Pool Party NekkidCuties

Mirta from HegreArt: Pool Party Nudie Cuties

Self Shots: Nov 29, 2010 NekkidCuties

Self Shots: Nov 29, 2010 Nudie Cuties


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In Case You Missed The Obvious: Dec 1, 2010

December 1, 2010 3 comments

In the movie, the matrix, Thomas A. Anderson (alias Neo) is a fictional character and the main protagonist in The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, and The Matrix Revolutions.

Computer programmer Thomas A. Anderson (Keanu Reeves) leads a secret life as a hacker under the alias “Neo” and wishes to learn the answer to the question “What is the Matrix?”. Cryptic messages appearing on his computer monitor and encounters with three sinister Agents, led by Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving), lead him to a group led by the mysterious underground hacker Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), a man who offers him the chance to learn the truth about the Matrix.

You have seen the trilogy, right?

Now compare that to Julian Assange

Julian Paul Assange ( /əˈsɑːnʒ/ ə-SAHNZH; born 3 July 1971) is an Australian publisher,and internet activist. He is best known as the spokesperson and editor-in-chief for WikiLeaks, a whistleblower website. Before working with the website, he was a hacker, physics and mathematics student, and computer programmer. Assange founded WikiLeaks in 2006 and serves on the website’s advisory board. In this capacity, he has received widespread public attention for his role in the release of classified material documenting the involvement of the United States in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the November 2010 release of classified American diplomatic cables. He has lived in several countries and has told reporters he is constantly on the move. He makes irregular public appearances to speak about freedom of the press, censorship, and investigative reporting; he has also won several journalism awards for his work with WikiLeaks.

Peculiar, huh.