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Can’t Make This Up: Dec 2, 2010

December 2, 2010 4 comments

I saw this on gawker, and had to verify it to the best of my ability before reposting it.

It seem that the interpol notice for Julian Assange lacks a photo. Why would an interpol notice lack a picture (not available), when any moron could Google it under a second?

Click on the picture below for a high-resolution image of that notice.


Restating The Obvious: Dec 2, 2010

December 2, 2010 2 comments

Many people see wikileaks as US-centric or US-specific. I would agree, but it has less to do with Assange hating the self-described “good and honest people” of the USA.

Russia, china or any ME country etc do NOT portray or see themselves as fair, free and just societies. The US, however, does act in a manner contrary to its public position and self-image.

A sociopathic liar always elicits a far stronger negative reaction than an openly criminal person, because the openly criminal person is not trying to deceive you. You know where that person stands (and what you can expect) unlike someone who portrays him/herself as friendly but will stab you in the back.


So Called “Vices” Should Not be Heavily Taxed

December 2, 2010 8 comments

You will frequently hear the argument that so-called “vices” should be legal but heavily taxed. However does that concept up to any intellectual scrutiny?

The difference between a “vice” and a “necessity” is linked to the individuals tastes on that matter.

So, if somebody says that opiates should be legal but heavily taxed, the ‘high taxation’ bit is linked to the persons beliefs and lifestyle rather than any real excessive harm. How much economically quantifiable damage is caused by those under the influence of alcohol versus that due to ALL non-prescription use of opiates? While a lot of crime is committed to buy opiates, very little crime is committed under its influence.

Even if we factor in early death from occasional opiate addiction, who consumes more health resources over their lifetime- the frail husk of a 90-year old woman or a guy who ODed and died in his 40s?

This applies for almost every single of so-called “vices” I can think of. From prostitution to drug use to excessive eating , the real cost of these “vices” is negative, neutral or minimum.

PS– Even a morbidly obese person consumes less health resources (total) than an old person who lives in assisted living facility for the last decade of their life.


NSFW links: Dec 2, 2010

December 2, 2010 Leave a comment

Yes, these links are NSFW. I have calculated that out of every four posts on this blog, only one is a link to NSFW stuff.

Muriel from HegreArt: Treadmill Nekkid Cuties

Muriel from HegreArt: Treadmill Nudie Cuties

Erica from HegreArt: Baby Oil NekkidCuties

Erica from HegreArt: Baby Oil Nudie Cuties


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