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Stuff That CONservatives Cannot Comprehend: 2

December 4, 2010 4 comments

CONservatives often say that events like the ongoing wikileaks saga would not have occurred if the CIA etc acted like the KGB or Stasi.

My question is-

What happened to the USSR and East-Germany? Are they still around? and if not, why not?

Even though the KGB, Stasi and other similar intelligence agencies had a lot of power, personnel, money and ability- the regimes they worked for failed. It is important to understand that internal disenchantment was the predominant cause of those regimes imploding. The public efforts of morons like Thatcher and Reagan were sideshows, at best. Even the intelligence agencies in arab countries, who have legal latitude, western agencies can only dream about are often ineffective in stopping regime collapse.

If anything, there is a strong correlation between ruthless intelligence agencies and regime instability, failure and implosion.

A strong and ruthless intelligence agency or police force is an indicator of failure to govern. The regimes behind such security setups are often barely hanging on and the amount of ill-will plus bad faith in these countries is often so high that economic stagnation and shoddy governance are systemic.

I would argue that the direction and rate of growth for law ‘enforcement’ and intelligence agencies in the last decade forebode collapse of the current setup in the USA.


NSFW Links: Dec 4, 2010

December 4, 2010 Leave a comment

After many links and articles on the whole assange drama, here are some NSFW links to improve your mood (if you are a guy).

Attention Seekers: Dec 4, 2010
NekkidCuties (Nekkid Chicks Cartwheeling)

Attention Seekers: Dec 4, 2010
Nudie Cuties (Nekkid Chicks Cartwheeling)

Boobies in a Tub: Dec 3, 2010
NekkidCuties (Thick but Cute Chicks in Tubs)

Boobies in a Tub: Dec 3, 2010
Nudie Cuties (Thick but Cute Chicks in Tubs)


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Is This “That” Sofia Wilén: Dec 4, 2010

December 4, 2010 8 comments

After reading this article, I decided to look around and try to find some pictures of Sofia Wilén.

Here is one from Assange: Aftonbladet’s ‘Inside Story’

Another purported picture of her from a webpage.


Here is part I of the video from the press conference where she supposedly met him. Part III of the video series clearly shows her face on multiple occasions. Note the bespectacled blond girl with shocking pink clothes in the front row on the right hand side.

You can first see her face from 00:48 to 00:52 of part I below. She can be seen in all 5 parts of the video