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Why Large Companies Fail: 1

December 6, 2010 16 comments

Have you ever wondered why large companies fail? Other than producing obsolescent products, managerial incompetence is the principal cause behind the failure of large companies.

The underlying issue is-

The process of management itself is flawed and attracts the wrong type of people.

Many of you might protest, and point out that management is now done scientifically and taught at Harvard, Wharton etc. But do the products of these institutions make companies run better or not fail needlessly? As some of you realize, the converse is true, and the death of many companies is linked to the transfer of control to MBA and lawyer types.

Even the shareholder argument does not hold much water, as only a small percentage of connected shareholders ever benefit from such events. The majority of shareholders either lose equity or stagnate, often in alternate cycles.

To understand the modus operandi of MBA and lawyer types in management positions, it is important to realize that both areas attract sociopaths. Indeed, if I said that anybody who has an MBA or works in corporate law is a sociopath- I would be correct over 98% of the time. The why of this phenomena shall be explained in a subsequent post.

The real beneficiaries of our current corporate setup are the senior management and their enablers. These shysters do not contribute anything to the value of a company, but keep on extracting value and destroying the system that creates it at the same time.

These people have more in common with a virus infecting a healthy cell, multiplying at the expense of the cellular machinery and damaging/destroying the cell only to infect other accessible healthy cells. These people extract money from the company by perverting the legal system and exploiting the flaws of a gullible public to destroy the very institution they claim to help. All of their bullshit such as creating value, creative destruction, streamlining management etc is just a pretext to a power grab with the ultimate aim of destroying a functional system, even if they doing it on a subconscious level.

There are ways and strategies to kill and cripple viruses, which could be adapted in the macroscopic world.


The Main Stream Media and Assange

December 6, 2010 5 comments

Have you guys noticed that the MSM, from establishment newspapers like WSJ, NYT and web-papers like Huffington Post, want Assange dead or discredited. Even many prominent LIEbral and CONservative bloggers seem to be enjoying the thought of his demise.

I have a theory about this phenomena-

The MSM, its derivatives and people raised on the MSM share a certain world-view. In their mind, anything that goes against what they have believed and worshiped is heresy.

The human ego is very fragile, and most do not want to admit that the world they grew up and believed in is dead. I realized this when people of my age started saying stuff such as “kids these days”, which is funny since I am in my early 30s. Having never married, or otherwise subjugated myself, I did not need to hold on to some fake memory of a glorious past.

However many people ‘grow up’ and kill their souls through marrying and having drone jobs, thereby losing their enthusiasm about living life, discovering new things and just enjoying it. But the world moves on, and sooner or later they realize what they have lost. But they ossify their views rather than change, preferring to live in a glorious past which never existed.

In a way the MSM, its derivatives and many older ‘prominent’ bloggers are still living in the 1940s-80s, which were the formative years for most of their employees and readership.

Reality has however moved on.


NSFW Links: Dec 6, 2010

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These links are NSFW.

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Cookies: Dec 5, 2010 NekkidCuties

Cookies: Dec 5, 2010 Nudie Cuties


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Universal Organizational Flaws in Intelligence Agencies: 2

December 6, 2010 3 comments

In the previous post of this series, I alluded to the fact that all intelligence agencies are merely extensions of the regime or system they serve. This has some peculiar consequences, as far as intelligence gathering is concerned.

The best intelligence does not come from SIGINT, but from people who are fully integrated in the system they are spying on.

One of the major flaws of western intelligence agencies post ww2, is an excessive reliance on SIGINT. This is not to say that technology is useless, but that it has to be used as a tool and not the only means to obtain info. This is especially true in the last 15 years where a massive increase in the amount of electronic traffic and cheap technology make it hard to intercept all communication, let alone process it.

Example- If a person put a non-standard encrypted data archive in a picture series on the SD card of a cheap digital camera, would you be able to find it? How often? and how would you determine who to search? Did I mention that those same mini-SD cards can be read/altered by smartphones and laptops

Many intelligence agencies can no longer seem to recruit enough moles, because creating human assets requires time and effort, which a SIGINT mindset discourages.

Moreover these agencies were created at a time when the defined ‘enemy’ was organized and entrapped in a bureaucracy. Today even small groups or companies can easily bypass the system by using non-standard organization and communication/encryption methods.

Moreover the vast amount of data creates another problem- namely processing it into actionable intelligence. Even if the data can be processed into actionable intelligence, geo-political considerations make actions much harder than the 1950s and 1960s when the west could do and get away with stuff that is no longer possible.

The playbook of intelligence is outdated and no amount of revision, short of an almost total rewrite, can fix it. The culprit is technological progress, as it often is.