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A Morbid Thought: Dec 7, 2010

December 7, 2010 7 comments

The so-called elites depend upon a cadre of foot soldiers to enforce their ideas. These foot soldiers range from MBAs, lawyers, accountants, judges, law enforcement, community leaders, teachers, professors, journalists, physicians etc.

They have made a conscious/subconscious decision to defend the interest of these so-called elites in return for more money, status and resources. Any significant advancement in the state of human civilization is likely to require the abrupt disappearance of these foot soldiers and their progeny from the face of this earth.

The vast majority of people who want real change do not seem to realize that any better society will be built on the mass graves of these foot soldiers and their progeny.

But is there any reason to feel pity for people who spend all their waking hours trying to piss and crap on those less lucky than them? I mean.. could you ever normalize the behavior of someone who worked in a nazi / jap extermination facility or a soviet gulag, just because they were “family men” with wives, kids and dogs?

Evil is evil- era, flavor and brand notwithstanding.


Money and Legitimacy

December 7, 2010 4 comments

Here is an interesting scenario-

A guy prints 10 million dollars of ‘counterfeit’ currency and successfully invests that money in a small town. This influx of money creates real jobs, prosperity and economically quantifiable growth. The ‘scam’ is never discovered.

How do the effects of such ‘counterfeit’ currency differ from a government grant or business investment in the same town? Whether currency is ‘counterfeit’ or ‘legitimate’ is immaterial to the circulation of money or its effects, as long as the illusion of value is maintained.

The concept of ‘legitimate currency’ is an illusion.

Some of you might wonder- what is there to stop such ‘currency printing’ from causing inflation? Funny thing.. it has been happening for decades.Now give me one example where private counterfeit currency caused a large scale hyper-inflationary shock in the last 100 years. On the other hand, there are many instances of failed governments causing hyper-inflation.

The reason behind this paradox is quite simple. A private counterfeiter would rarely print enough to cause hyper-inflation and thereby short-circuit his scheme. Business friendly governments and their capitalist friends have few constraints or repercussions if they chose to do so. They can always run off to Switzerland or some other mass-murderer friendly country, unlike the small time operator who has more to lose by destroying the currency.


NSFW Links: Dec 7, 2010

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These links are NSFW.

Beach Cuties: Dec 6, 2010 NekkidCuties

Beach Cuties: Dec 6, 2010 Nudie Cuties

and NINAlicious.

Nina from MetArt: Smiling NekkidCuties

Nina from MetArt: Smiling Nudie Cuties

Nina from FemJoy: Window NekkidCuties

Nina from FemJoy: Window Nudie Cuties

Nina from FemJoy: Red Chair NekkidCuties

Nina from FemJoy: Red Chair Nudie Cuties


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If They Do Not Cooperate..

December 7, 2010 6 comments

Sometimes, men ask-

Why don’t other men cooperate with them, even when the results would be clearly more profitable to everyone involved.

Whether it is the illusion of ego, pussy or money- some men will often try to screw over another guy to score a small victory. You cannot change basic beliefs easily, but there is another way.

Anything that speeds up the demise of such men and their offspring would make their beliefs and world view moot- as the opinion of dead, half-dead and cripples do not matter. I know that sounds inhumane but is it wrong? If they could do that to you, they would.

It is fairly easy to identify such men after a couple of decent interactions, and it might be in your best interest to preempt them. This can be done both directly and indirectly.

I have seen men who boasted about the choice of computer engineering as a good career when I was a kid now being ruined through job loss and divorce. I have seen people who used to white knight women, even after a few bad experiences, ruined by the drama and costs of divorce and child support. I have seen men who kept on believing in romance being raped and swindled by the system. I have seen people who believe in ‘free market’ capitalism being ruined by it. I have seen people who believed in investing for retirement lose their nests egg forever.

If you believe in fighting useless wars for your country, don’t look at me after you have been badly injured and the government is trying to disown you. If you worked at a big company and supported their management style, don’t look at me when you lose your job at 50-something. If you supported low wages for me, don’t bother asking me for help when you are too old to work. If you supported misandrist laws, don’t look at me for support when the system fucks you over. If you supported anything that resulted in me making less money and having a harder life than otherwise possible, expect to repaid in kind. I cannot feel pity, compassion or care for those who have not demonstrated that ability towards me.

In short- if a man does not learn from his first few bad experiences (about anything) and change, let him do it. Push him towards his end and don’t help him when it all comes down.