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Fundamental Vulnerabilities in All Closed Networks

December 10, 2010 2 comments

Many “engineers” are coming up with myriad schemes to protect secured networks, in wake of the WikiLeaks saga. While many of their schemes sound clever, it is obvious that they are either not cognizant or willfully ignorant of reality.

Let me say the obvious..

1] No closed network with a means of data input other than a keyboard and mouse, is truly secure. Once you create the ability to connect any swappable media to the network, it can be compromised. Hard drives, backup tapes and other media fall into that category. Any device that can be unmounted (unix speak) can be compromised.

The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.

2] Unless you are prepared to frisk every employee every day, miniature digital camcorders will be a constant threat. Even a thorough search might not identify such devices. Anything that can be printed out can also be photographed by miniature cameras and low fidelity copies are just as damming as hi-fidelity copies.

3] Unless you fabricate all hardware connected to the system, it can be compromised. Even a keyboard or mouse can be compromised. A related problem lies in having devices of multiple generations connected to the same network. It is hard enough to maintain and patch the system even when all devices connected to the system are of the same generation.

4] The biggest threat to network security are the very guys who maintain the system. This is often the most overlooked issue as far as network security is concerned. No amount of profiling, incentives etc can protect the system from a disgruntled or disillusioned employee.

Securing closed networks beyond basic precautions is a fool’s errand. It is far better to live with the assumption that they can be compromised. But tunnel-visioned control freaks do not like to live in reality, and they can always find people who can sell them a contemporary version of the emperors new clothes.


NSFW Links: Dec 10, 2010

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These links are NSFW.

Sashas come in many flavors, here are two.

Sasha G from MetArt

Sasha G from MetArt: Assorted 2 NekkidCuties

Sasha G from MetArt: Assorted 2 Nudie Cuties

Sasha G from MetArt: Assorted 1 NekkidCuties

Sasha G from MetArt: Assorted 1 Nudie Cutues


Sasha D from MetArt (aka Chesney from FemJoy)

Sasha D from MetArt: Bikes NekkidCuties

Sasha D from MetArt: Bikes Nudie Cuties

More Chesney at Femjoy NekkidCuties (older post)

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