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NSFW Links: Dec 11, 2010

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These links are NSFW.

The theme is milky stuff on nekkid chicks.

Atena from MetArt: Milk Bath NekkidCuties

Atena from MetArt: Milk Bath Nudie Cuties

Millis A from MetArt: MilkyWay NekkidCuties

Millis A from MetArt: MilkyWay Nudie Cuties

Vika from HegreArt: Body Lotion NekkidCuties

Vika from HegreArt: Body Lotion Nudie Cuties


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Assange, Child Custody and Mistrust of Government

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A little known fact about the whole assange saga.

WikiLeaks Julian Assange: the most dangerous man in the world?

Born in Queensland, Australia in 1971, Assange has always been a nomad. His mother, herself a rebel, moved him 37 times before the age of 14. Little is known about his father. Home-schooled, he developed an early obsession with computers and, as the web developed, he became a hacker, earning a criminal record at the age of 20 for breaking into the system of a Canadian telecoms company. The break up of his marriage and the ensuing battle for access to his child inspired in him a lasting mistrust of state power. WikiLeaks, an internet repository for leaked information, born in 2007, was the result.

Do you see what I am pointing out? I had read about this aspect of his life before, but it is nice to see that some MSM writer also picked it up.

See this entry on his wikipedia entry.

In 1989, Assange started living with his girlfriend and they had a son, Daniel . After they split up, they engaged in a lengthy custody struggle, and did not agree on a custody arrangement until 1999. The entire process prompted Assange and his mother to form Parent Inquiry Into Child Protection, an activist group centered on creating a “central databank” for otherwise inaccessible legal records related to child custody issues in Australia.

Here is a link to an interesting article.

Daniel Assange: I never thought WikiLeaks would succeed


Porn Replaces Relationship Sex

December 11, 2010 24 comments

Many people wonder about the current direction of technology evolution wrt to porn. Some see it replacing all sex, some as just a substitute for ‘beta’ and ‘omega’ men.. In any case, preexisting ideological biases make most of such analysis suspect.

Here is my take based on my personal experience.

Porn replaces mediocre relationship sex. It does not replace the need for men to fuck enthusiastic, hot looking and skilled women.

I have used, and continue to use, hot and skilled escorts. However the need for me to get a non-paid mediocre booty call type relationship is considerably reduced by porn. That is not to say that I would shun an opportunity, however it is unlikely that there would be any extraordinary effort to get one.

Porn hurts women in a different way than escorts. Escorts compete with the best looking and skilled “non-paid” women or otherwise fun sex. Porn competes with the mediocre sex found in relationships after the passion dies out.

High quality and interactive porn is a viable alternative to lifeless, wallet-draining and soul-sucking marriages.

I think that we have barely seen the effects of high-end porn on human society and relationships. The very ubiquity of communications, technology and access to it makes porn an unstoppable force. So unless we have a total collapse of civilization, porn will only become better (if less profitable). Moreover, most of the younger generation of men today do not live in a world where they are rewarded for compliance with worthless traditions.


Why Attempts To Control are Always Doomed: 1

December 11, 2010 2 comments

Many conspiracy theory-types always talk about the futility of action because “sooner or later it will all go back to a feudal system”. Let us dissect their contention that “sooner or later it will all go back”.

The first obvious problem with their contention is that sooner or later we are all dead. No matter how much wealth, power on control any human achieves for an instant, he or she is mortal. Therefore any outcome of the process of civilization, over the long run, is irrelevant to an individual.

The second problem is due to the fact that underlying conditions and possibilities in evolving complex systems aways keep on changing.

For most of its existence on earth, life was unicellular. Is it now? If prokaryotic life is good enough, why is eukarytoic life necessary?

Significant terrestrial vegetation cannot be found in fossil beds prior to the Cambrian, and most multicellular life in the era before the Cambrian was quite unlike what exists now.

For most of the last 300 milllion years, archosaur physiology based animals were the dominant form of land animals. Large reptiles were the dominant aquatic predators. Is it still so?

Australopithecine fossils can be found over a 2 million year time span. Home erectus over almost a million years, Neanderthal over almost half a million and Home sapiens over 200,000 years. However all human beings on earth today have a maximum calculated diversion of less than 80,000 years, and in most cases- less than 20,000 years.

So why did not life on earth revert to prokaryotic, terrestrial plants disappear, archosaurs redominate, and australopithecines re-evolve?

The answer is something that I talked about in my older posts on related topics.

Major changes and new pathways in complex systems will persist long after the event that created them goes away.

The fundamental problem with any attempt to control is the unspoken assumption that there is a fixed ‘resting state’ for the system.

The universe does not have a fixed resting state or natural level for anything. What appears to be an equilibrium is really an illusory dynamic minima which can be lost forever in a moment once something underlying the minima changes. It is not possible to recreate a lost dynamic equilibrium.

All schemes of control are based on the linked assumptions of fixed equilibria, linearizable trends and total knowledge. They simply don’t pan out over anything other than the short term.

More in future parts of this series.


An Interesting Take on the FaceBook Splash Logo

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Found this here

Connecting the dots in the facebook splash logo can yield the word ‘sex’. Given the reasons for creating Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg (meeting hot asian chicks into jewish guys), it seems almost fitting.

Good catch!