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Assange, Child Custody and Mistrust of Government

A little known fact about the whole assange saga.

WikiLeaks Julian Assange: the most dangerous man in the world?

Born in Queensland, Australia in 1971, Assange has always been a nomad. His mother, herself a rebel, moved him 37 times before the age of 14. Little is known about his father. Home-schooled, he developed an early obsession with computers and, as the web developed, he became a hacker, earning a criminal record at the age of 20 for breaking into the system of a Canadian telecoms company. The break up of his marriage and the ensuing battle for access to his child inspired in him a lasting mistrust of state power. WikiLeaks, an internet repository for leaked information, born in 2007, was the result.

Do you see what I am pointing out? I had read about this aspect of his life before, but it is nice to see that some MSM writer also picked it up.

See this entry on his wikipedia entry.

In 1989, Assange started living with his girlfriend and they had a son, Daniel . After they split up, they engaged in a lengthy custody struggle, and did not agree on a custody arrangement until 1999. The entire process prompted Assange and his mother to form Parent Inquiry Into Child Protection, an activist group centered on creating a “central databank” for otherwise inaccessible legal records related to child custody issues in Australia.

Here is a link to an interesting article.

Daniel Assange: I never thought WikiLeaks would succeed


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