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NSFW Links: Dec 12, 2010

December 12, 2010 1 comment

OK, this is a test for a new concept. I have decided to post somewhat hardcore, but still tasteful, stuff on the nekkidcuties blog (self hosted).

The idea is that normal erotica will be posted on both blogs (mirrored), but the somewhat hardcore stuff will be restricted to the self-hosted blog.

Amateur POV BJs: Dec 12, 2010

More Amateur POV BJs: Dec 12, 2010

Even More Amateur POV BJs: Dec 12, 2010


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Why Attempts To Control are Always Doomed: 2

December 12, 2010 2 comments

Decaying old white men, and indeed decaying old men of other races, would rather believe that things don’t change and “it will all go to hell”. While there is always a good chance that it will all go to hell, there are two issues to consider.

1] Does it really matter?

2] Why do they think like that?

Let me tackle the first issue and say upfront that if “it all goes to hell”, it won’t matter anyway.

However answering the second question is far more interesting and illuminates aspects of the human psyche which we rarely talk about. A common theme through the rantings of decaying old men, from Joe Bageant to George Carlin, is that ‘common people’ have no control or hope of control and that ‘elites’ will always have their way.

But here is the real problem- Nobody has any control over anything worthwhile. The reason gimps like to believe that “elites” have control is because the other option- nobody has control is too frightening for most human beings to imagine. Humans rich or poor.. stupid or smart are ALL mortal.

Another hidden reason why these people believe what they do is related to their personal disappointment that the world did not go the way they would have liked to. But why should it? Does the course of history ever follow the whims of any human being or group, however ‘powerful’ they may be?

An elevated sense of importance is another issue, especially for decaying white men. It is hard to see the decline of ones relative status in the real world. It is still harder to comprehend that all this is just a blip in the course of events on the third big rock from a mediocre G class star (sun) near the periphery of a decent size spiral galaxy which is part of a small outcrop of the virgo galaxy cluster itself on the periphery of bigger galactic supercluster.

Nostalgia about some golden age or period in the past, when things were supposedly better or more hopeful, is another issue. However closer examination of the conditions in such bygone ‘utopias’ paints a darker picture. I am not implying that everything was bad in the past, merely that on the whole things were shittier, more limited and restricted in the past.