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NSFW Links: Dec 13, 2010

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ya.. more artsy pics of nekkid chicks.

Mirta from HegreArt: Explicit NekkidCuties

Mirta from HegreArt: Explicit Nudie Cuties

Mirta from HegreArt: More Metal NekkidCuties

Mirta from HegreArt: More Metal Nudie Cuties

Mirta from HegreArt: Extreme Exposure NekkidCuties

Mirta from HegreArt: Extreme Exposure Nudie Cuties


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The Problem With Profit: 1

December 13, 2010 7 comments

I believe that one basic reason underlying many socio-economic problems today is that most people are interested in increasing profit, rather than prosperity.

Think about it.. for someone to profit, someone else has to lose (zero sum). Apologists for “capitalism” might say that profit can be non-zero sum, and in theory that is correct. But then again, communism was not supposed to create dictatorships, catholicism was not supposed to be riddled by corruption and capitalism was supposed to be self-regulating. How did things work out in reality?

Profit benefits only those who already have money and power. It is never meant to benefit those who are unlucky or more scrupulous than the “elites”. All profit based systems will always result in wealth concentration, reduction in volume and velocity of money flow and ultimately social collapse. Whether that social collapse causes civil wars, wars, social instability, revolution, conquest or merely a dysfunctional society is irrelevant.

There are two ways to solve the problem caused by profit.

We could have periodic redistribution of money- voluntary or involuntary. Revolutions, wars, social collapses, socialism are all viable options. Individual result may vary, but any person who has read a worthwhile amount of human history knows what I am talking about.

There is another way to solve the problem- replace the concept of profit with increased prosperity. While both concepts may sound identical (or very similar) they are not- as increased prosperity cannot occur without everyone benefiting, albeit to varying degrees, from advances. I am not talking about redistribution after wealth creation, but re-distributive processes built into the very core of the system.

Of course, the second type of option requires a significant change in society, institutions etc. It might also require many dead CONservatives. The way I see it, we are going to get there anyway.

More in future posts on this topic.