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Interesting Music Videos: Dec 14, 2010

December 14, 2010 5 comments

NikitA – Verevki


NikitA – Mashina


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How Indians Screw Themselves: Zero Sum and Malicious Behavior

December 14, 2010 19 comments

The behavior of most people from India is deeply saturated in zero sum behavior and maliciousness. However, it is not as prevalent or intense in the younger and more affluent generations when compared to the older ones.

The reasons why Indians came to behave like this is not important, as any clever moron can come up with many reasonable sounding stories. The real question is-

What kept it going?

It comes down to something bigger than caste, tradition or other bullshit. The problem lies in their world-view.

The world view of an average indian man is very similar to an average indian woman, and to what is typically associated with a feminine mindset. Once gain, the reasons are less important than the existent pathology. Nor is it unique to Indians.

Look at what an average Indian man cares about- actions not words. The following portrtait is based in stuff I have observed over the years.

He most likely cares about making money, preferably by stealing or conning it from someone else. He is happy to do the same boring crap for eternity. He is excessively interested in controlling others even if hurts him in the long run.

He has no concept of camaraderie and will screw over his friends for small short-term gains. He displays inordinate interest and would meddle in the lives of others rather than improve his own.

He is insecure about what he is, and would rather suck up to someone or a group perceived as more powerful. He talks a lot about spirituality but his actions suggest otherwise. He has little interest in co-operation to do something bigger, but is quite happy about benefiting from the actions of others.

He lacks any sense of justice, based on his actions. He will tell you about the spirituality of vegetarianism and non-violence towards animals while trying to screw over the lives of other human beings. He spends a lot of his time gossiping about others, but does little to act on perceived unfairness.

And after behaving like this, he expects others to treat him with a level of justice, humanity and fairness that was absent in his interaction with others.

His primary obsession is perceived status obtained through screwing over others and acting holier-than-thou.


Why Merchants are Crappy Warriors

December 14, 2010 8 comments

The observation that people involved in mercantilism, business and finance are inferior warriors is fairly universal. But why is it so? Most theories try to attribute their poor performance in war to physical attributes, life style, philosophy etc. While there is some truth behind these ideas, most people miss out the biggest reason.

Success in war requires a high degree of cohesion and altruism amongst a fighting force. Unless you have significant numeric inferiority or are a stone age culture fighting against people with guns and new diseases, the side with more intra-group cohesion and altruism will always prevail.

Business and finance attracts people with strong sociopathic tendencies. While those attributes might help them parasitize the group they belong to, they are deleterious for achieving the amount of group cohesion and altruism necessary for successfully fighting wars.

Cultures with high group cohesion and altruism can evolve into low trust cultures dominated by sociopaths. Such systems then become ripe for takeover by barbarians with decent weapons but an inferior business culture.

Civilizations which become affluent do not get overrun by ‘barbarians’ because they become soft and fat.

They do so because

1] The wealth of such civilizations is increasingly distributed in an uneven AND unfair manner.
2] The system is run by sociopaths for other sociopaths, and has lost contact with external reality.
3] Most people have no stake in supporting a system that impoverishes and enslaves them for the benefit of a ‘chosen’ few.

The visceral hostility encountered by members of business based communities and ethnicities is largely due to being seen as untrustworthy CONmen, rather than their wealth, religion, ethnicity or other attributes.