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Perverse Incentives: Dec 15, 2010

December 15, 2010 5 comments

In this installment of my series on perverse incentives, I will look at one very specific example.

The Process of Drug Discovery and Job Security.

Let me begin by stating that it is scientists, not MBAs, lawyers or physicians who discover new drugs. However that process has sputtered, especially in big pharma, over the last 15-20 years. All innovative drugs approved within the last 15 years have been licensed or brought from small companies or academia (there may be 2-3 exceptions).

Many types of perverse incentives are behind the ongoing collapse of pharma. Let me talk about one specific one using a “hypothetical” example.

Imagine that you are part of the team that discovered a drug which makes over 5 billion dollars per year. Do you really think that is in your best interests? Sucker..

You see.. the scientists who did the real work might get a one-time bonus or promotion, but it is the managers, lawyers and marketers who rake in the real money. Now you might think that making all that money for a company might get you some job security or a better pension.

Discovering a very profitable job sets in motion a series of events that speeds up the permanent loss of your job.

Let me explain.. A company which makes billions of your work does not simply ‘forget’ to compensate you. It now wants you to keep on succeeding at a faster rate than before. To help ‘speed up’ the process, it puts more MBAs and lawyers in direct charge who then destroy all remaining integrity in the research group- thereby guaranteeing failure.

Now the upper management uses your discovery to propagate the idea that its shares are worth more than before. Combine that with the random nature of drug discovery plus constant interference by morons, and failure is not only guaranteed- but will result in site closure plus job loss.

Try finding a job when you are in your early 50s, and facing the snakes (MBAs, HR and lawyers) who do not want competent people because they, gasp.. have to be paid more than a person in his early 30s. I realized that years ago, and so took a different but related career trajectory.

Of course, you will still lose your job even if you succeed because some MBA, lawyer or manager wants to increase numerical profit by reducing costs- aka payroll.

You see, they have no obligation to keep you around once you have made the discovery that makes them money. It is most peculiar that these subhumans believe that people are stupid enough to be productive, when pretending to work but not achieving anything worthwhile gives a better payoff.

If you are going to lose your job and become hard to employ anyway, why do a good job?


NSFW Links: Dec 15, 2010

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Mirta from HegreArt: Mannequin Nudie Cuties


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