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About The “Creepy” Label

December 16, 2010 15 comments

The female, and mangina, tendency to label any man who they do not like as “creepy” is well known. I am sure that every master seducer has been called as creepy by some woman or the other.

I am not going to talk about the ‘why’ of this particular behavior, as there is already a lot of stuff about it on the intertubes. This post is about how to treat such women, though it could easily apply to all women.

Treat them with the withering contempt reserved for subhumans.

Because, face it, any response other than contempt is just not profitable. Trying to rationalize with them, or adapting to their demands will only make it worse and you won’t gain anything from it. Walking away is an option, but it does not achieve anything other than defuse the situation- for a while.

Contempt, done properly, is paying back those cunts in a currency they understand. The trick is to destroy her belief that she has any leverage over you. If you combine that with non-physical hostility, cunts will usually get the message.

But do understand that once you decide to do this to a woman, it is irreversible. However, given the abundance of cunt (paid or unpaid) it won’t matter.

If you have a better way, let me know.


NSFW Links: Dec 16, 2010

December 16, 2010 6 comments

These links are NSFW.

First look at this youtube clip of a photoshoot. The model is Mesha Seville.

Update: Her Measurements are 36D-26-44, and she is 5’7” tall, so it is the waist-to-hip ratio plus that pert but smooth booty that makes her look plump. The average british, or american, white woman is probably heavier than her- but the fat distribution, build, proportions and underlying muscle mass is different.

If you liked her, click on the links (below) to a couple of assorted picture galleries.

Even More Mesha Seville NekkidCuties

Even More Mesha Seville Nudie cuties

More Mesha Seville NekkidCuties

More Mesha Seville Nudie Cuties

Mesha Seville: Oct 8, 2010 NekkidCuties

Mesha Seville: Oct 8, 2010 Nudie Cuties


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