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Why CONservatives Hate “Big” Government

December 17, 2010 14 comments

I am going to make this post short, as the responses will likely supply me enough material to write an even longer post.

Have you ever wondered-

Why do CONservatives universally hate ‘big’ government?

CONservatives will spout any number of bullshit reasons ranging from preserving ‘capitalism’, religion, morality, philosophy, fake eCONomic studies, eCONomic theories etc.

The real reason, in my opinion, is rather straightforward.

CONservatives hate ‘big’ government because it compromises their ability to steal, rape, exploit and murder others. They would be perfectly happy with a big government if it allowed them to do all of the above.

If you don’t believe me, ask yourself- why do CONservatives believe that government spending on prisons, law enforcement, war is good but money spent on useful social services is bad? I mean- prisons, law enforcement, and waging war are almost always a net drain on the economy, while social services create many jobs, more demand and thereby innovation plus new wealth.

You see- CONservatives are not interested in human progress, comfort, prosperity, technological advances or anything positive. They have but one basic desire- to enslave, exploit, rape and murder others because it makes their ape mind feel good.

The only good CONservative is a dead CONservative, preferably stuffed with the processed remains of his (or her) children and grandchildren.


NSFW Links: Dec 17, 2010

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These links are NSFW..

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Stages of System Collapse: The Walking Dead

December 17, 2010 5 comments

When large systems such as empires, nations and multinational companies collapse, they go through a stage which I like to call- the ‘walking dead’ stage.

So what does the ‘walking dead’ stage entail? and how can you recognize it?

It is worthwhile to remember that large dysfunctional systems rarely collapse due to the direct effects of an external threat or even an internal rebellion. It is a series of misguided responses to external and internal threats which usually kills them.

A functional complex system is agile, flexible and robust. It is also capable of timely modulation/alteration of its responses to challenges. However any complex system which has existed for a significant length of time tends to concentrate sociopaths in positions of power and control. The elevation of sociopathy to power and prestige set up the next stage in the fall of a system.

As I have often said before, sociopaths are incapable of doing anything other than steal from others and pretend to know what they are doing. The result of elevating sociopaths is that sooner or later, all leadership positions are filled with confident morons whose only ability in life is to steal from others. In a functional system, the number of sociopaths remains below critical numbers due to attrition by reality. A dysfunctional system, on the other hand, lacks an effective mechanism to handle sociopaths.

There are many reasons why a functional system can become a dysfunctional system, however the most common meta-reason is the lack of external competition to keep the system limber and relatively sociopath free.

In any case- once a system becomes dysfunctional and is dominated by sociopaths, it slowly ceases to be responsive and capable. In the beginning, the effects are not very apparent. However, over the course of time, the system becomes worser and worser till it becomes quite obvious that the leaders are incompetent, and the system is falling apart. But humans likes stability, so few people will even try to point out the obvious- let alone act on it.

The system now enters a stage where anybody with just over half a brain can see it won’t last. The problem is- few want to talk about or act on the emperor’s nakedness. The overall feeling is one of feigned normality. On the surface, things looks OK but there is a strong underlying feeling that things are fucked up beyond repair.

The system then starts to ignore reality, and make up its own reality- often via fake numbers, creative classification and wonky arguments. The charade goes on, because many don’t believe it and fewer care about the outcome.

The ‘walking dead’ are dead, but they pretend to be healthy.

This state lasts until the reaction to some fairly average or mediocre set of challenges results in a series of false steps, overreactions, bad calls and fiascos which undermine the belief of the majority in the system. It often takes a string of botched challenges to make most people desert or detach themselves from the system.

At this point, the system will either implode or get taken over by some other group or cause.